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    I’m Alex, and I’m 12 years old on Tuesday. My sister, Penelope, is 14, and she is off doing this sort of weird town council thingy, she will be gone for a week, meaning she will miss my birthday.I don’t really care because she left the present behind so my parents can give it to me, and she’ll phone me to say some words. But before she left, she told me something I’ll never forget.
    “I won’t be coming back.”

    I have been wondering what she meant, I mean what could that possibly even almost mean! Sometimes girls can be confusing. She could probably say the same about me, and boys.But in two days it’s my birthday, and until then, I might as well forget about what she said, and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

    “Alex! Alex! Come down stairs and get the door for me!”Sandra, my mum, called.
    I put down my book and ran down the stairs, swinging on the banaster to get to the floor. The doorbell rang again, and I skidded along the hallway, flinging open the door just as the guest began to hammer on the door.
    “Um, hi?” I said, confused.”Who are you?”
    “I’m here to take you to see your father, just as was requested by your mother.”
    I frowned.”My father is here, in the bedroom, to be precise.I think you have the wrong house.”
    “Nope, right house, bring your mother down would yo-“
    “I’m here! I’m here! “ she called as she appeared round the corner.” Alex, darling this man has the right house.”
    “What do you mean? My father is right here, in this house! I saw him last night”
    “Oh,” my mum began”Oh.”
    “What!” I was anxious now.”What are you not telling me!”
    “Nothing, nothing. Do stop giving me that look, oh fine!” She sighed.”Well, me and your father loved each other very, very much, but then I met Andy, who is upstairs now, and I had to dump your real father, to be with Andy. He is a darling, I must admit. Although, he thinks you are his real son, so don’t say anything, ok?”
    I was unsure how she thought I would cope not being able to tell him. “Are you saying, I have a different father?”

    I sat in the car, my back straight and flat against the back of the seat. My mother sat next to me, and my real father was in the front, getting up the sat - nav to take us home. I was angry with my mother, but I couldn’t bring myself to sit with my dad just yet.so I had asked my mum, and she had agreed with me. I was almost asleep, despite how angry I was. Then my real father placed a piece of paper on my lap, and when I looked up at him his face was expressionless.I sighed and began to read the paper.

    Miss Sandra Carave,
    Mr Thomas Carave,
    By order of the town of Merlik, and by your choice, we have decided that you have the right to be together again. Miss Sandra Carave, you have a new partner, and in order to become family with Mr Thomas, you must give him up completely. Any children that you own in this town, orphaned or true children, must be signed below, to be kept please tick the correct box, to be handed to a foster home, please tick the correct box.

    Name of child: Foster home: Kept:
    Alex. ✔️ ✖️
    Penelope. This child cannot be included as they are
    not present.

    Best regards, Ellie Sofie Doxer, head of the council.

    I gasped, closed my eyes, and screamed.

    My bag wasn’t packed, my clothes were dotted around my room, my hair was untidy and matted. The only thing in the bag was a pack of cards and a small action figure. I lay on my back, staring at a stain on the ceiling. My sister was stuck in a different country, my parents were leaving town, and my birthday was in two days. And, I thought, My new dad, or old dad, or I don’t know! I just don’t want be an only child, and I don’t want to be forgotten. Yet that’s what I feel like my life is becoming. Forgotten.

    Ok then, I thought, if my parents won’t say goodbye, I won’t say goodbye either. So instead of going to the door, I went to the kitchen where Andy was sitting.
    “Hey, erm dad.” I said, tumbling over my words.
    “Yes?” He replied, lifting up his head.
    “You know that your not my dad, and I’m not your son, right?”
    “I guessed, but thanks.”
    “Well, it’s good to get that out in the open. We should pretend it never happened, and to me, you are my father.”
    “That’s sweet.”
    I sighed. He was obviously not in the mood for conversation, so I went past him to the larder, where I retrieved some bread and butter. I went outside through the back door, passing my fake father again. He looked asleep, so I went as silently as I could.When I was in the wide open garden, the sunlight in my hair, I felt good. Today I felt like somebody had dropped me in a pit, and filled it with water. Then I realised that that wouldn’t work, because I could swim out, so I changed my mind. Somebody had dropped me in a pit and left me to starve, all alone, Cold and thirsty. I nodded to myself. That sounded more real. Sighing, I went back inside, and went out The room.then I remembered something, and I turned back.
    “Yes?” He answered groggily.
    “Mum told me to tell you that she thinks you are a banana. A rotten one with guns all over it.”
    “That’s how I feel.”
    “Me too, dad, me too.”

    I stepped out of my bedroom, the torch in my hand, my hair ruffled . The floorboards creaked under my feet as I tip toed along the corridor. It was my birthday, and my father wasn’t awake yet. Normally I would have gone to wake up Penelope, but she wasn’t there. So I went to her room, and sat on the bed. There was a lump beside my leg, I could feel something hard. Being like any 12 year old, I bent down and pulled it out. There. Was a sign on it, that read,

    To Alex,
    I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for you,
    By now you must have found out the truth,
    Happy birthday.

    I sighed, and turned it over. My fingers shook as I undid the string, and uncovered a beautiful brass plate. I turned it over, and felt it everywhere. Then my finger slid along the edge, and I could feel something engraved into it.

    Be brave. Be bold. And help me.

    I gasped again, dropped the plate, leapt up and sped from the room.I skidded straight down the stairs, flung myself at the door and ran straight towards the shed. I turned and saw the light in bedroom light up, and the window opened.
    “Alex!” Called “come inside!”
    “It’s penelope!” I called back”she needs my help!”
    “You are not going anywhere, little man! Not until I have discussed this with you! And even then we will tell the police, they will sort it out.”
    This was my last chance to save my sister. I couldn’t loose it.”I’m sorry!” I called, and grabbed the reigns to one of the horses. That’s one good thing about having a dad who loves horses! I swung myself up, bashed my knees into its side, and thundered away down the road, towards the border.

    I pulled Starflight(as the horse was called) to a halt, and slid out of the saddle. I hushed her when she neighed, and brought her to the trees. I clenched my fists. She wouldn’t be able to help me, she would just get in the way. I returned to the path, and lowered myself to a crouch. I edged along the side of the road, staying as low as I could get. Suddenly there was a shout, and a flash of dark ginger hair. A female face poked into view, and before I could stand up, she had one foot on my back, with her toes in between my shoulder blades.
    “Ahh!” I called, but I was so hoarse with surprise that it only lasted a second.
    “Who are you?” The girl asked. “Why are you here?” I felt her release her grip on my back a fraction, so I threw myself up, and landed on her.
    “You thought I would be bested by a girl?” I asked, grinning.
    She looked defeated, so I was about to get off her when she flung herself at me, rolled me onto my stomach swung a loop of rope around my arms and chest, and rolled me into my back.
    ”Bested.” She grinned at me, before letting me scramble to my feet. I felt the rope loosen and fall around my legs. I bent to unhook my feet. Then the rope tightened again, and I fell flat on my back. I looked up at her.

    She undid the rope slowly, and I sat up.
    “Alex.” She said.
    I nodded.
    She turned around, called something and starflight appeared . She let me get on first, then she swung up behind me. She made a noise, and starflight trotted forwards.
    “Let’s be travelers.” She said.
    “Ok.” I replied, not understanding.

    The end!

    Sorry it was bad yeah, I know that is almost natural for me. I love writing and reading, so I hope you enjoyed thank you.

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1309 days ago
Why thank you, sir or serress. (I know that is not a word.😛) thanks anyway. I guess it was rushed so yeah!
1311 days ago
Dis was pretty good you good at writing