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7 Kids - A Sad Life Part: 1 of Part 2

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    It was dark.
    James was alone with Molly for the first time. But he still couldn't tell her that he liked her.
    "Do you think the cops will get us?" James said.
    "No, i'm sure they won't."
    James was scared. The cops were after them because they think that they murdered someone. But they're just being framed. Then, the gate opened. Hannah and Richard came in with a bag of food. And close behind them was Daniel. Everyone climbed up their tree house. They had to come in quickly because they heard sirens. But then, James finally built up his courage and was going to say to Molly that he likes her. But he got interrupted by a flash light. Everyone froze. A cop was in their tree house. They were going to jail.

    They were all thrown in a maximum-security jail. They were both thrown in the same cell, so that was good, at least. James forgot all about the feelings he had for Molly.
    "Hey guys! Cheer up!" Richard scowled.
    "How can we?" Hannah said. "We are thrown in jail with nothing but stupid orange ugly-looking jumpsuits!"
    The friends all sighed loudly at the same time. They were all tired so they went to sleep. But they were woken up by a loud whistle. It was role call time. They went outside and stood in a line.
    "This is so stupid!" Hannah whispered in Richard's ear. "We are being framed!"
    "But we have no proof of that." Richard answered.
    "Gee, thanks for the support, you doof." Hannah shouted.
    "What? We don't have any proof." Richard shrugged and went.
    Breakfast was even harder. They had the worst food of their entire lives.
    And that was all what was on the menu. Only one choice.
    They either stay in this rat-hole or break out. But how could they break out of a maximum-security prison? They were basically in Alcatraz.
    "Guys," James Chewed down on his food then spoke. "I think we should break out of here."
    "You don't say!" Hannah said. She was always the mean one. She was mean even if there was nothing to be mean about.
    James took his bag off and showed his equipment under the table. He had an: Axe, a hammer, a knife and a spoon. He threw the spoon away and it hit a guard in the head.
    They went back to their cell and thought of a plan of how to break out. Then, James got an idea. He had a ladder. So he could climb up the ladder and break open the window with a hammer.
    Then, the friends all made a run for it.They opened the gate because they stole a guards credit card without him looking.
    But then, things turned to the worst. A guard saw them.
    "Uh oh..." all the friends said at the same time.


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513 days ago
Can you read my story? I gave your story 5 stars. Here's the link: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz37/quiz/1587074371/Im-An-Unpopular-Girly-Girl-Part-1
684 days ago
I have 4 sibling and my bff has 6 sibs ans soty family taylor has 5 sibs
725 days ago
You should do a part three at some point! I like this story...
725 days ago
I've made part 2 now!