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Musical #2

3 Chapter - 936 Words - Developed by:
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So, here's the second. It happens directly after the last one, and your thoughts would be helpful.

Alicia: There's a hundred people who want to get into this school...
Felicia: But only half of them will get in, and only twenty will get the FULL education
Alicia: Yeah... do you think WE'LL get in?
Felicia: You might. But me... well, I wasn't even going to come until you asked me yesterday.
Alicia: You'll do fine, Felicia! Just fine!
Felicia: We'll see.
HOPEFUL STUDENTS: (Sung) We're getting in
We'll do it
Right, we'll do it
Lucia: (Spoken) Are we sure we should do this
Gary: It's too late to go back now
Winston: Much too late
Lucia: What about that... little... thing that happened last time?
Jade: Let's not talk about that particular episode right now
Lucia: This is the first time we've done this in three years!
Winston: It's TOO late.
HOPEFUL STUDENTS: (Sung) When is it our turn?
When is it time for us to show them
How we burn?
When shall we go in
To show them
What we can do!
Dean: Harriet Macfuzzle, come in! (HARRIET goes Stage Right)
HARRIET: I'm here!
JADE: Show us what you can do (Harriet does stuff while students sing)
HOPEFUL STUDENTS: How long will it take?
Will I make it?
I know I can
But will they think I can?
Dean: Gloria Curt! (Harriet and GLORIA change places)
HOPEFUL STUDENTS: Will I make it? (As hopeful students sing, they go in and out of stage right)
Can I take it?
A hundred voices
Fifty places
Twenty spaces
More suspenseful than any races
Will I be here seconds, minutes, hours
Or days! Or weeks! Or months!
Only twenty get the full
Thirty more get a little less (Felicia goes Stage Right)
FELICIA: This is my song
Either everything or nothing
Will go wrong
Show me where to
And when to
Come along! (Felicia goes back to Alicia)
Alicia: You did great! Why should you be worried?
Felicia: It's your turn, Alicia! (Alicia goes Stage Right)
ALICIA: I'm here for you
Nothing that you do
Could will me away
There's nothing more to say
Except that I'm here for you
Every night and every day!
HOPEFUL STUDENTS: Who will make it?
Who can't take it?
ALICIA: Nothing more to say!
I'll be with you every day!
HOPEFUL STUDENTS: Who'll be here every day?
ALL: Who will be here every day?

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1236 days ago
Alicia's name was supposed to be spelled Alycia. So her name's changing!
1249 days ago
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