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Let me tell you how Pyrophobia was for me...

    So Pyrophobia is the phobia of fire. I'm 12 and I overcame my fear of fire when I was 10. It was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

    So Pyrophobia isn't really that bad but it can still be scary for the person who is experiencing it. I could never sit at a table with a small candle on it and even birthdays were horrific for me. Until that day...

    I was 10 and in Year 6 when we went on a residential trip for 5 days to Wales. It was so fun! We went canoeing, treasure hunting, and I got to share a room with my best friends! It was going to be the best trip ever! Except I didn't know that the trip would be ended with a surprise...
    A campfire...

    So on the last day it was nighttime and we had to sit on some logs surrounding a place where the campfire was going to take place. We found some twigs and sticks to put in the fire and to put our marshmallows on as well. Then it was time to light the fire. I was shaking and shivering. I was sweating and squealing when my friends lit the fire with some matchsticks. When the fire was lit I put my marshmallow about 30cm away from the fire. It didn't do anything. Our instructor told me to put it closer to the fire. I was so scared I was about to pass out. I closed my eyes and directly stuck my marshmallow inside the fire. It didn't harm me at all! I was over the moon! I had finally overcome my Pyrophobia

    I would like to say thank you to my primary school for giving me this opportunity to overcome my fear of fire! I love you all very much! And I miss you too❤

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695 days ago
AHH- spider TnT why does someone say something about spiders TnT
695 days ago
i like the way fire looks-
914 days ago
Ha! I love the name of that phobia.
1117 days ago
TheQuizzyAddict Then you have the opposite of Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!
1117 days ago
Shadowheart Maybe research spiders in books. Research all about one that won’t hurt you, and all the reasons why. Then work up till you can look at a dead one. Finally your goal is to be ok with a spider near you.
1118 days ago
Yeah ik it's the devil's number but it's how long the world is that fascinates me (long words fascinate me lol)
1119 days ago
https://www.allthetests.com/quiz37/quiz/1573916355/About-my-phobias these are my phobias
1120 days ago
Hmmmm,maybe she is scared of the people judging,her or something?Idk
1121 days ago
Shadowheart maybe just start off with tiny little spiders and explore them and then start to explore with bigger spiders gradually. Lol I rlly don't know sorry
1121 days ago
... Ravenclaw, my sister used to be scared of singing in front of pple 2. She still won't sing in front of like, 4 pple but then we did a musical and she got a part that had solo lines. So she'll sing in front of like, 200 pple but not 4. So... idk this won't help anybody. I found Phobiaphobia too,Quizzy
1121 days ago
Quizzy how can I overcome arachnophobia? One time I was at the YMCA and there was a spider on the wall. I screamed and couldn't move. It moved. I felt like I couldn't breath. I didn't feel safe from it if I was in the other room.
1122 days ago
666 the number of the devil u know
1123 days ago
Omg so I found out that Phobophobia is a phobia of having a phobia so i feel RLLY bad for someone who has tha phobia
Also there's another one called Hexakosioihexekkontahexapho (u can search it up srsly idk how u pronounce this word lol) and it's the phobia of 666
1128 days ago
143 thanks for telling me lol and I'm glad u don't have it 😂
1129 days ago
Hi so I scrolled all the way down and I found my other comment. In response to TheQuizzyAddict’s question, Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth!
P. S. I don’t actually have it, that was a joke lol
1131 days ago
Sexy ravenclaw... I can... Help you.... With that. If you want.
1134 days ago
Heyyyy lol aw I'm sorry but stay strong💖
1134 days ago
@Kaity same
Im so afraid of the dark i have to maticulously check every area of my room before i turn the light off but i cant sleep without a light being on because i always think that something is under my bed ready to come out and kill me when it is dark, there has to be light in my room for me to sleep
1139 days ago
Sexy Ravenclaw oh no I'm sorry hopefully you will overcome that fear 😘
1140 days ago
I am TERRIFIED of singing😨😨