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This is another little speech (it takes me ages to write poems so that's why I write speeches instead☺) about my depression which is just getting worse and worse every day. My friends never let me express my feelings and when I do I don't feel comfortable so this is why I make so many of these depressing speeches and poems.

And as always be bold, be beautiful and no hate comments please!

    Nothing. Just nothing. Nothing is the matter. Nothing is wrong. I'm fine. It's just nothing. The message I deleted was nothing. Nothing that you care about. No don't worry. It was just nothing.

    But you don't understand. They're all lies. Everything I said. Lies, lies, lies. Because nothing is everything. Everything is the matter. Everything is wrong. I'm not fine. It's just everything in life. The message I deleted was everything. Everything that you should care about. No, you must worry. It was everything.

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900 days ago
I'm sorry. I hope you get better soon.
956 days ago
Yeah I hope it gets better for you too!

Addy yeah it's alright (I had no problem with it dw)
984 days ago
You're probably never going to see this, Quizzy, but well I read 143's message like a million days ago and now I'm saying well, sorry
993 days ago
I feel for you. Sometimes I feel like that as well and I understand what you're going through. I hope have a happy life.
1121 days ago
Lol its ok!
1122 days ago
Umm sorry for the awkwardness...you’re welcome.
1123 days ago
Oh...um...Ok. ..Thanks. ..
1123 days ago
Hey guys...
All right get to the point.
Here goes...
Guys, depression is a very serious topic. TheQuizzyAddict clearly has it hard and I really feel sorry for her.
But I don’t really feel like you are taking this seriously, especially considering the content in this fanfiction.
And I really don’t mean to hate on any of you that are making silly comments, I don’t at all hate you. It’s just that this is not the place to make those comments. I’m sorry if this came across as hateful, I don’t mean for it to be.
1152 days ago
Omg ur sister is so selfish and mean :(
1154 days ago
Meant to put 😭 at the end
1154 days ago
There's slime all in the speakers, it's ruined! 😭😭😳
1155 days ago
Ur sister is mean. And rude. Which can basically b the same thing
1156 days ago
Guys, I'm typing this on my iPad. My sister put my phone in her slime. 😭😭😭
1156 days ago
1157 days ago
I think I have a bit of social anxiety
1158 days ago
1158 days ago

Also what happened and what is everyone excited for?
1159 days ago
1159 days ago
U excited???'ll!!!!!!!llllmmmmm whoops I meant to put !!!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!
1159 days ago
What's your favorite color out of these? (TheQuizzyAddict)
Red green yellow purple blue