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Nico/Will fanfiction

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(Nico/Will AU, no gods or anything just normal people.)
Will Solace is 19 years old. As he is studying one day, he is ecstatic to learn that he will have a roommate! The next day he meets 18 year old Nico Di'Angelo, an emo boy who, seemingly, is only here because his father threatened him. Can Will break through Nico's tough shell and find possibly more than just a friend?

Will POV

I am studying for tomorrows history test when I hear my phone chime. A new email? Upon checking, I learn that I will have a new roommate tomorrow! Finally, I've been alone in this room for like... okay fine, it has only been a week. But still.

I wake up the next morning at about 7. It's a Saturday. Fun. Yeah 'tomorrows' test is on Monday. Around 12, I hear a small knock on the door (I almost didn't hear it, thanks Luke Bryan). I open it, momentarily forgetting that all I'm wearing is a pair of jeans.So when I do open the door, I imagine my athletic build and height is intimidating. I just... didn't realize.

Nico POV

Friday, I get the message I can move in on Saturday, blah blah blah. I really couldn't care less. When I get there around noon, I knock on the door. I can't help but admire the intricate detailing on it as I wait for someone to answer. Then, out of nowhere, I am met by a massive stimulant for those damned hormones. The guy who answers is about 6" (compared to my 5'5) and has shining blue eyes and messy blond hair about to the bottom of his ears. Of course, to make the situation worse, with only a pair of jeans on, I could be his perfectly toned body. I blush, and am suddenly very glad that I am holding my bag in front of me.

As I stand awkwardly in the hall, I am suddenly very conscious of the mess my black hair is and the fact my necklace (a small pentacle as the charm) is hanging loosely in front of my shirt. My black skinny jeans feel tighter, unsurprisingly as I stare nervously at the man in front of me. After what feels like hours, he smiles and invites me in.
"You must be the new roommate," he smiles warmly at me. I nod, dropping my stuff on the unclaimed bed across the room.
"Will." he reaches out confidently to shake my hand. "Nice necklace, by the way."
"I.. uhm... Thanks." I struggle to find the words I need. I shut down further conversation, using my earphones and putting on some rock. I pull out the sketchbook from one of my three bags, and decide my new roommate and massive crush has earned a place in my drawings.

(Hey, author here. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I could do better, or anything you don't like!)

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989 days ago
Duuuuuuude please write some more, I love it already!!!!!!! Nico is already so adorably adorable, and Will is just perfect... *sighs in fangirling*
So...yeah, please, please, PLEASE write some more!!!!!