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7 Kids - A Sad Life: Part 3

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    It was night-time

    All of the seven friends were asleep. But when they woke up, Max was gone. They were pretty shocked. Because maybe this time he left them for good. Richard was about to speak when he heard a hammer smash. Soon, all of the others heard it too. They looked out of the tree house and saw Max doing something. He was building a little house. The friends all went out of the tree house.
    "What are you doing?" Hannah asked.
    "What does it look like?" Max hit her lightly on the head with his hammer. "I'm building us a little home."
    Hannah sighed. "Why?" she snatched the hammer out of Maxes hand. "Why are you building us a house? We have a tree house you idiot!"
    "I feel like this will be more secure for us." Max answered with a deep voice. "I bought us an electric door, so when the cops touch the door, they get a BIIIIIG shock." he said, with a normal-pitched voice now.
    Hannah sighed, and climbed back up into the treehouse and sat there, eating her breakfast - her breakfast was a steak that was already spoiled. Anyway, Max kept building the little home for hours. When he finished, it looked like a real house - but the house that was supposed to be small, didn't actually look that small. It looked like a normal big house.
    "I thought you were going to make a SMALL house." James said. With Molly close beside him.
    "Shut up! And don't you have some business to do?" Max eyed at Molly. Molly looked at him, confused.
    "No!" James screamed. Max was grinning at him. "Ah fine!"
    "What?" Molly asked, in shock.
    "Um, well," James began, taking a deep breath with every word. "I have something to tell you...I like-" James was interrupted by something. He was interrupted by sirens. Police sirens.
    "Quick! In the house!" Max said.
    While James was running into the open door of the house, he was looking at Molly who was beside him. But Molly didn't look at him back. 'Maybe she doesn't have feelings for me like I do.' James thought. 'Maybe I should get over this love that I have for her.'
    So James tried to stop thinking about the feelings he had for Molly. Well, he tried. But it didn't work. He couldn't stop thinking about it at all.

    Tell me: What should James do?: Tell Molly that he likes her? Or should he just stop thinking about it? Answer in the comments!


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551 days ago
Can you read my story? I gave your story 5 stars. Here's the link: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz37/quiz/1587074371/Im-An-Unpopular-Girly-Girl-Part-1
722 days ago
I have 4 sibling and my bff has 6 sibs ans soty family taylor has 5 sibs
763 days ago
You should do a part three at some point! I like this story...
763 days ago
I've made part 2 now!