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The Triangle

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First of all, let me just start by saying that this is an original story, not a fanfic. Melanie and her boyfriend, Wes, have always been happy together... until a new boy moves to town. Will Melanie be able to manage her feelings, or will things get out of hand?

Everyone has characteristics that makes them them. I know this because my characteristics are different from most people’s. I see the world differently, in colors. I know what you’re thinking- everyone sees the world in colors, so how does that make someone special? You’re right- everyone does see colors- but I see them brightly, and vividly.
Each color to me has an emotion- Gold has a fizzy emotion, crazy and full of life. White is kind of shy, and always hides in the shadows. Green is optimistic, and is always positive. But violet is my favorite. Violet is really emotional, and it’s thoughts are always bouncing off the walls, I think I like violet because it reminds me of me. Especially now.
“Melanie! Are you even listening to me?” my best friend, Noelle, asked. Her expression reminds me of orange- calm but on the verge of breaking. We’re walking home from school together, as usual.
I realize I’m dragging behind. Nothing new there. “Um. Yes?” I try.
Noelle sighs. That’s the one thing I don’t like about her: she can always tell when I am lying. “Seriously, Mel? I was saying that I think I’m going to fail the history test tomorrow!”
I shrug. “I bet you’ll do fine.”
She scowls. “Easy for you to say. You have Wes to study with!”
I feel the blush rise to my cheeks. Wesley Crinn and I had been dating for two years, and Noelle was still droning on about how unfair it was that I had a boyfriend and she didn’t. “Why don’t you call up Carson? Maybe he can help you study.”
Noelle stared at me like I had six eyes. “Carson? Really? I haven’t even spoken to him in four months!” She collapsed on a park bench and hugged her knees.
I sat beside her. The bench was hot and sticky, and I could feel my legs burning underneath my shorts. I knew that Noelle and Carson had recently broken up, but I thought that they were on speaking terms at least. I felt sick. “I’m so sorry, N… I didn’t mean… I thought you guys…” I trailed off.
Noelle looked up at me, her eyes red and puffy. “No. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be bad mouthing your relationship with Wesley. It’s none of my business. I know you were just trying to help, and I appreciate it.” She played with a strand of blonde hair that had escaped her bun.
I picked at my fingernails, a habit that I wanted to stop, but had trouble doing. We sat in silence for awhile, and then my phone buzzed. Mom. She was freaking out about where I was once again. I sighed.
Noelle stopped playing with her hair. “Is it your mom?”
I nodded. “Sorry. I need to go.”
Noelle smiled. “That’s okay… I’ll see you tomorrow!”
I wave. “See ya!”
When I get home, Mom’s seated at the dining room table. Her forehead is creased, and her hair is sticking up in all directions. When she hears me enter, she turns fast. “Melanie! Where WERE you! I was getting scared!”
I fight the urge to roll my eyes. “Mom. I was with Noelle! I told you that we were hanging out after school!”
Mom raised her brows. “I thought you said you were with Wes, too.”
I sigh. “He couldn’t come.” which was half true. I had considered inviting Wes, but in the end, I figured that it would be better if I didn’t, since Noelle has been so down about boys lately.
I sit my backpack on a chair. I can feel Mom staring at me. “Mel? Did something happen with you and Wes?”
I shake my head. “No, I just wanted some one on one time with Noelle.”
Mom must believe me, because she goes back to reading her magazine. I go upstairs to start my homework. I’m in the middle of my bio when my phone buzzes. I pick it up.
He wants to see me.
I figure I deserve a break, and we agree to meet by the park. He’s sitting under a tree when I arrive, smiling when he sees me. His face lights up like the color yellow. Wes has always reminded me of the color blue. He has mood swings, sure, but the real reason is his liveliness, a side effect of the color blue.
“Mel! Hey!” He pats the ground next to him. I sit.
“Hey, Wes!”I say, kissing him on the cheek.
“So… What’s new with you? I feel like I haven’t seen you forever!” he grins.
I roll my eyes. “Wes! I just saw you at school today!”
He wiggles his eyebrows. “Or so you thought… maybe it was my twin.”
I sigh, faking exasperation. Wes is always flirting with me in his own, peculiar, Wes-like way. “Anyway.” I say. “I’m hungry. Let's go get some ice cream.”
Wes agrees, and we go to the parlor nearby. I get my specialty- mint chocolate chip with whipped cream, peanuts, and hot fudge. Wes gets a scoop of butter pecan with fudge.
We sit by the window and talk. We talked for awhile, and then we left.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Mel.” Wes says, smiling.
“Yeah! I’ll see you then!”
Wes leans in for a kiss. His lips are sticky against mine, and by the time we break away, my lips are red and puffy. He grins. “Bye, Mel.”
Then he’s gone. Wes and I kissing? That’s most definitely the color pink, friendly and sweet.

________________________________________________ _____________________
I eat a quick dinner and rush upstairs to finish my homework. That’s the thing with Wes- He always distracts me with his boyish charm. Mom knocks on the door.

“Come in.” I say.

Mom enters gingerly and sits on the edge of my bed. She looks around my room at all the magazine pictures taped to my walls. I always keep pictures that have a lot of color or meaning.

Mom looks at me. “Mel… I wanted to check in with you. Are you doing okay? I haven’t seen you invite anyone over for awhile, and after Dad… I wanted to ask.”

I swallow down the lump in my throat. “I… I dunno…..” My voice breaks. “I guess… I just never wanted it to happen.”

Mom sniffles. “Neither did I, sweetie. And I’m sure he never would’ve wanted it to happen, either.”

I consider telling her about the flashbacks, how after the accident I became obsessed with colors because of him, but I don’t. Instead, I go over to Mom and hug her. We cry together for awhile, and then she stands up.

“Well… Goodnight, honey. Lights out by 10:30, k?”

I nod. “Yeah. Yeah, okay. I’m just going to finish my homework.”

Mom kisses my head. “You’re the best daughter ever.” Then she’s gone.

I don’t finish my homework. I can’t. I’m too busy thinking about Dad, and that night, and the accident. I remember it clearly.

Dad, Mom, and I were on our way home from Virginia. We had been visiting my Aunt Kathy and her family. I remember leaning up to the front seat to change the radio station when a car came out of nowhere.

Dad tried to get control of the wheel, but he was too slow. The car jammed into the left side of our car, and I lurched forward.

I heard a scream, and then everything went black.

I remember waking up, and Mom crying. I remember her telling me I had a minor concussion, and that I was lucky, that the car had missed her completely. That I was going to be fine, but that Dad wasn’t.

I remember her telling me he was dead.


I remember leaning over my bed and vomiting. I kept throwing up, but that giant stomach ache just wouldn’t leave.

Now I open my eyes. I barely notice the tears streaming down my cheeks. I can’t stop the feelings and colors that are overflowing me. Get a grip, Melanie! Get a grip! He’s not coming back! He’s been gone for almost a year now! Get a grip!

And then I fall asleep.

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