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After Part 1

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7 Chapter - 1.400 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 545 taken-The story is currently being written

Isadora was your normal thirteen year old dancer... until the Incident.
This is her journey.
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What Started It All

I tapped my fingers on the table impatiently.
Tessa was late.
Tessa was never late.
It was after hip hop class, and since both our parents were always late because of work obligations, we met at the table outside On Pointe Dance Studio after every class. I decided to go look for her, but then she burst through the door, auburn waves swinging. Buns weren't required for hip hop, but I preferred my thick butter yellow curls in a high ponytail.
"Sorry I'm late!" Tessa declared.
"Why were you late?" I inquired.
"Well... I've been having trouble with the coffee grinder move... so I stayed to ask Miss Carol for some pointers..." I knew that wasn't true. Tessa was one of the best at the break dance move, and I also knew she knew I knew she was lying. But why would she lie? "Anyway," Tessa said, "have any plans for the weekend?"
"Not much," I replied.
"Want to go to the pool Sunday afternoon?"
"No thanks," I responded. I didn't really like having much on the weekends, because I was exhausted at the end of the week, with dance, school, homework and all. However, Tessa wanted almost every single moment to be filled with one thing or another.
"Come on, Isa," Tessa complained, "you never want to do anything on the weekend."
"That's because I'm tired! And... my dad's here."
"Then I'll see you Monday," Tessa sighed.
"Bye Tessa," I waved as I went to the small gray car. Tessa would forgive me by Monday.
She always did.

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...that was a really long comment...
540 days ago
Thanks NHYT! I think I like making these things with more, like, adventure than some of the others I've written. Though I haven't had a whole lot of adventure yet.
I wonder if I'm going to start making lots of explosions in my things. Bc there r some things I used a lot that I try not to use so much anymore...
Okay, this is a lot of information 😂
540 days ago
Great and captivating one

Thanks for checking my fan fiction too:)
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Hi! I'm the creator of this. Please comment!