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A book

They came at night.
Mom, Dad, and I were playing a game of Monopoly. Mom had just bought a hotel.
"Ah-ha!" Mom exclaimed. It was then that eight people dressed all in gray and black, with hoods pulled up so their faces were in shadow, appeared. They surrounded us.
"It's been a long time," one of them said in a gravelly voice. Pleasure creeped into his next sentence. "This is where you've been hiding? You went halfway across the world just to escape us?"
"Marcus--" Dad started. Mom put a hand on his shoulder and whispered something to him. He nodded gravely.
"What's going on?" I asked. "Who are they?" I turned to Mom and Dad.
"We'll have this conversation another time, honey." Mom replied. "Right now we need to deal with this." Addressing the man who spoke, she asked, "why come after us now, all these years later? I thought Salazar would have given up, or just decided we were too much trouble, by now."
"Why would I tell you that, Samantha Jane Black?" Marcus replied. His voice hardened. "Do it," he ordered.
Then they attacked.

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231 days ago
Who knows????? By the way I love this!
717 days ago
Um who's broken?
719 days ago
sHE's bROkeN or sHE's BroKEN Idk Idk lololol ho
722 days ago
722 days ago
Its a less embarrassing humorous spy kids. Cool.
723 days ago
Okay I just wasn't quite sure what 2 say so I said something and now... idk, something or other?
724 days ago
Thanks... 143, no one willllllll
727 days ago
Great story, but I shouldn’t have read it before bed. Im creeped out that hooded spy people are going to take my parents now.
729 days ago
Woah this is coolll