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Fake friends

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I wrote this because my bff betrayed me two years ago... I'm looking at you, Scarlett 😠! I know that it's highly unlikely that she'll read this but... I guess there's still a chance... 😞
It was hard. Especially that I had no other friends at that time...

    We will never be the same
    Ever again
    After you let me down
    And all that pain
    I thought that you
    Were going insane
    But no
    You thought that I was to blame

    Lies, lies, lies
    Nothing but lies
    Haven't you heard
    All my cries
    Years have passed
    And I can still remember
    All those times
    That we had together

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325 days ago
the story u wrote there is mine tehnically my friend and i had a fight we r nolonger friens but arguement is going down between the freind group
676 days ago
Fellow Earthling that must've been hard. But im glad that you've met some great people thanks to them! And yes, I've noticed that there r much better people out there than Scarlett who will never leave by my side. Thanks for sharing the story with us Fellow Earthling!
678 days ago
Wow didnt realise that was so long 😂
678 days ago
Omg TheQuizzyAddict I relate but differently. Here's my story:

January 19th
- I'm at a wedding and Siena keeps calling me so I decline because i cant call her. She stops being my friend

February, Monday
- Siena hasn't been my friend for a month, my other friend, Leah, suddenly ditches me for Siena and since Noush (my other friend) is on holiday for 2 WHOLE WEEKS, I was by myself. I didnt really have any other friends. Anyway, after a few days by myself, Katrina and Elize invited me over to work with them. They were also sat with Tom and Vid. After a few days, I found myself falling in love with Vid. He's just so funny!, even though he liked Elize. (If you have read my fanfic, Who???, then V is Vid.)

-Katrina, Elize and Noush are now my BFFS. Vid is a close friend. I never really got on well with Tom but we were sorta friends. Now that we have finished primary and are in high school, me, Elize and Tom went to ____ but me and Elize never see Tom, Noush goes to __, Vid goes to The ______ and Katrina goes to St _____. We still text each other though.

About Leah and Siena, they also go to ____ and I have no lessons with Leah and 4 lessons with Siena. In RS and German we talk to each other because we are sat next to each other. I only talk to Leah when we are walking home together. But thanks to them, I met the best people I could ever wish for. TheQuizzyAddict, I promise, you will find better friends than Scarlett. Good luck
719 days ago
Hey sara of course! People call me Quizzy!
719 days ago
Dr. SQUID tysm! 😁
720 days ago
hey TheQuizzyAddict wanna talk I'm sara
720 days ago
TheQuizzyAddict, this poem is really deep and touched mine and I'm sure lot's of other hearts. I"m sorry to hear about how your friend wasn't very good for you. But I, however, hope that you have some better, kinder friends now and that she has had a change of heart and is now a better friend to others.
724 days ago
What is hilarious Kaity?
724 days ago
Sexy Ravenclaw ik 😭😭😭😭
724 days ago
Wth ravenclaw sexy???? Lol that ia hilarious.
725 days ago
Oh my gosh Quizzy,I know that feeling to well.This really touched me.😢😢😢😘😘💟💟💟
726 days ago
Ohh ok thanks!
727 days ago
I guess it depends on your situation and what you really think of them.
730 days ago
Also I'm confused... if your old bff is now ur partner can u still count them as ur bff???