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The Alchemy ( FULL EDITION)

10 Chapter - 2.548 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 884 taken- The story is completed

I decided to compile all the chapters in this book so this is the full version of The Alchemy. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Ring! The school bell rang, signalling the start of freedom and the end of misery. Student dashed out of their classrooms like a horde of prisoners set free. Bolting out of school, Carson trudged towards her house. " I hate my life," Carson muttered as tears welled up in her eyes. Opening the old squeaky wooden door, Carson sighed. the house was almost empty, it was merely an empty fridge, an old wooden table. Sigh...

Carson sat on the chair, wondering why her father was even addicted to gambling. Her eyes fell on a piece of paper on the table, it was a paper of promise never to leave the house except school. Ever since Carson's mother disappeared a year ago, Father would say: We'll find where mum is.
Until, he became a gambler. To add salt to the wound, Carson failed to get the scholarship that day.

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1117 days ago
Well I actually more like skimmed it, not rlly skipped :o=O¦ (hehehe he has a body)
1118 days ago
okay, i get it AddyNick, not a Must to check it out;)
1118 days ago
Glare is good too. But I didn't finish it. It was too creepy for me, so I just went to the end of the chapters and read them
1119 days ago
Thank you for checking this out!! Really appreciate it.
1120 days ago
Great story! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
1144 days ago
omg this us awesome and so good
1146 days ago
Hello! I wonder what will happen next. Carson's going to get rich by living in a hut!
And I wrote a fanfic called After Part 1, which is not in my tests yet but would appreciate if you could check it out when it is!
1161 days ago
I can't wait! Well, I'll have 2 :D
1163 days ago
I’ll release chapter three in early November :)
1164 days ago
Hi NHYT! I wonder what Carson's plan is... good story!