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This is the real me. The one that knows her faults, but is still proud.

Guys, I hope this encourages you and I want you to know you’re wonderful as you are.

    I’ve never worn makeup
    Or even a crop top

    I bite every single fingernail
    My face is so very pale

    But then again, I’ve got red ears
    I’m so weird and queers

    My hair, always in a messy bun
    When it’s down, looks like it wants to run

    Away from my face, it sticks out frizzy
    I’m all in a tizzy

    Ive got braces
    And bold glasses

    But you know what? This is who I am
    I don’t need to be watched by a cam

    I love to be me
    Because I’m so free

    Of jealousy, no wishes to be someone else
    None of that stress

    Let’s stop with comparison
    And promote self adoration

    No more comparing
    Instead, try loving

    No more worry about being shamed
    We’ll be our true selves, unchanged

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1220 days ago
I like this
10 12 14 16 18 !
1407 days ago
Ohhh......now I feel really dumb😝😅
1407 days ago
My quizzes are actually still here. Sometimes that happens and you have to go to like the 'other fan fiction' and click on one of my stuff there to get to my stuff 😁
1408 days ago
That’s horrible I wonder why!!!!!!!!!
1408 days ago
1410 days ago
Booooooooooookkkkkkkks okay if that's what that is boooks many many booooks on the shelf
1411 days ago
Reads a lot, basically what I’m thinking. 📚👏love books
1411 days ago
What do you mean by nerd?
I'm wondering.
I don't know bc
I'm home schooled
1418 days ago
AddyNick 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👍
1418 days ago
I'm homeschool too.oo.oo.oo.oo
1420 days ago
Sexy Ravenclaw Yup. 🤓🤓🤓👍
1420 days ago
NeRdS nErDs

1422 days ago
Kaity ME TOO!! Homeschooled nerds (and nerds of any kind) are so amazing! Nerds rock!
1422 days ago
Dr. SQUID Wow thank you so much for your encouraging words!
1422 days ago
This poem as such an outstanding message/deeper meaning! You're helping so many people each day, 143! We all thank you!
1423 days ago
Ravenclaw i live green I'm a homeschool nerd!
1425 days ago
And you’re welcome! 💖💖
1425 days ago
Sexy Ravenclaw 👍👍👍
Homeschooling is awesome! And I’m homeschooled too!
1426 days ago
I'm also a nerd.GREEN I like being a nerd.And I'm a homschooled nerd.
1426 days ago
Oh!Thank you so much 143.😊
This is going to bless so many people💞