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This is the real me. The one that knows her faults, but is still proud.

Guys, I hope this encourages you and I want you to know you’re wonderful as you are.

    I’ve never worn makeup
    Or even a crop top

    I bite every single fingernail
    My face is so very pale

    But then again, I’ve got red ears
    I’m so weird and queers

    My hair, always in a messy bun
    When it’s down, looks like it wants to run

    Away from my face, it sticks out frizzy
    I’m all in a tizzy

    Ive got braces
    And bold glasses

    But you know what? This is who I am
    I don’t need to be watched by a cam

    I love to be me
    Because I’m so free

    Of jealousy, no wishes to be someone else
    None of that stress

    Let’s stop with comparison
    And promote self adoration

    No more comparing
    Instead, try loving

    No more worry about being shamed
    We’ll be our true selves, unchanged

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1120 days ago
Actually I googled just now if green eyes are beautiful. They are apparently the most beautiful eye color because they are so rare!
1120 days ago
Sexy Ravenclaw Yeah me too about everything except green eyes. Personally, I think they are really pretty. I’ve only ever seen one person with them and he was one crush so...
Also you’re welcome and thank you for commenting.
1121 days ago
I have super wavy/curly hair that will NEVER look decent,I have never worn a crop top/bikini,and I'm quite tall and lanky,I have never worn make up and has anyone ever heard that green eyes are pretty?

THANK YOU for writing this❤
1121 days ago
👋👋👋👋Hi NHYT and thank you!
1121 days ago
Great introduction of yourself!!
1122 days ago
Ur welcomeeeee!!!
1123 days ago
Thank you for commenting it really means a lot to me guys!💖💖💖
1123 days ago
This is beautiful! I love this and it's so true to never change for anyone and to be yourself! Tysm for making this! 💖
1123 days ago
1 I wear glasses too. 2 I like my hair in a messy ponytail. 3 no braces but i am super queer. 4. I do my fingernails and I have never worn a crop top (i tied a shirt up once at a summer camp but its not the same)
1124 days ago
Hey everyone, if you feel insecure for any reason, feel free to reach out to me in the comments here and I’ll help as best I can along with anyone else who wants to help! Stay strong and I love you all.
No hate comments please, especially on this poem for obvious reasons.
Always speak hope and love when commenting as well.