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The Last Letter - PART 2

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    I thought about my decision. Was I really going to do it just to make her love me? Was it really worth it? I sighed. It was my only option. I looked at the last letter she had sent me once again. What could that mean? Did she really find out? Really? She loves me so much so I guess there was only one thing that I could do. I spoke to my doctor and he told me everything I needed to know. Now I was ready. Well, almost. I needed to tell her in person what was going on. Well, not the whole lie but part of it. How was I meant to tell her? She lives all the way in Canada and she doesn't even have a phone! Maybe I could try sending her another letter. Or even... I knew it. I had to go to her and meet her in person. I booked my ticket. I was going to fly to Canada to meet her on the 12th of December...

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1252 days ago
Why did I write this???
1305 days ago
Yeah it does that, like always, I think
1305 days ago
Yk how the comments r the same in series thingies??? Well it's happened with this one!!! In the first last letter and now this one!
1306 days ago
What do u mean, how does this bcome a series?
1306 days ago
Omg how did this become a series thingy?!?!?does it do it automatically?????
1306 days ago
What happened to the description for this one as well?!
1307 days ago
Oof where did all the comments go