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Let her go

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    I held her hand all the way through. At home, in the ambulance and now. On her bed. It's just her and I. I take a deep breath and look at her for the final time. Her beautiful face looked back up at me. I wished I could help her. But I had no choice. I couldn't do anything.
    She slowly started to close her eyes. I still held her hand but it was gradually getting lighter and lighter. I tear rolled down my cheek as I saw her struggle. "I love you," I whispered and she took her last breath.

    ~It was time to let her go once and for all~

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1036 days ago
I hope there’s a part two to this, Quizzy...
1067 days ago
Well thanks!!!!!!
1067 days ago
Wow I’m not sure what to think.
But good writing!
1067 days ago
What happened to the description thingy??????? Anyways there was one and 143 I was bored lol... NHYT theres gonna be a part 2???? 😂😂... Kaity... yeah
1067 days ago
Oh dear. What did she die???????????????????????????
1067 days ago
Wow... it’s really captivating!!! Look forward to chapter 2!!
1067 days ago
Um so what was this inspired by?
1068 days ago
Yeah.... this isn't very good 😂