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Who Am I: Chapter Four

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It's time for an interesting two weeks with Rico, and Sheila's ideas!

"Why can't you just tell me your idea for making money, Sheila?" I asked impatiently. "Rico's been following us around the house for two days. He could show up at any time."
"Well, I have to make sure you can so some stuff first, and then I have to talk to my dad about it..." Sheila replied uncertainly. "How old are you?"
"I know you're changing the subject, but I'm almost thirteen," I sighed. "Didn't I tell you? How about you?"
"I'm almost fourteen," she responded.
"I thought you were fifteen."
"I'm tall."
"This is not the point."
"I'm not sure if this will work."
"Just tell me. If it won't work, it won't work. If it will, then it will." Then, to my extreme annoyance, Rico came around the corner.
"What won't work?" He interjected.
"Go away from here, Rico. You're annoying." I told him.
"How old are you?" Sheila asked him. I glared at her. Then I glared at him.
"I'm not telling," he replied.
"Why can't you just go away," I muttered under my breath. You didn't want to meet Rico when he was with his "friends," and when he was with nobody he was always annoying. Insufferable. INSUFFERABLY ANNOYING!
Did I just make up a word?

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497 days ago
Don't pay any attention to who I said is Brandon Joe Cainan
665 days ago
Thank you NHYT!
671 days ago
This story is awesome...
679 days ago
Cainan not caiman I was testing the name
682 days ago
Random spoiler the man in chapter five's name is Brandon Joe Caiman
683 days ago
What do you mean, Kaity?
683 days ago
Hey im trying to catch up with u
683 days ago
The fifth chapter is out in the not included tests!
686 days ago
Thanks 143! I like writing this story 😁
688 days ago
this is awesome 👏
690 days ago
Part of my research 4 this was looking up "Can you survive a knife stab"
690 days ago
Thanks guys 😁 i
691 days ago
Intriguing and interesting chapter...
691 days ago
Woah this is amazing!
693 days ago
There were other comments that disappeared it's so annoying!
693 days ago
Okay I will, thanks!
693 days ago
By the way, the Full edition of The alchemy will be out tomorrow, please check it out. Thanks!
693 days ago
Captivating story...