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My VSCO experience

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This is mostly fiction. The event is somewhat based off real events.


    Note: mostly fiction, taken from some real events of me.

    So I'm part of a VSCO club at school. My friends Ally and Nina are in it too.

    We always use scrunchies, water bottles, and we love turtles.

    So one day at school Marionette walked up to us and snorted. "You think you're so great?" She said. "Well you're not." So Ally replied: "we don't think anything, Marie. Leave us alone." With that, Marionette's minion, Sylvia, pushed Ally.

    Ally got up and pushed her. They pushed each other until they started screaming. I walked away. I couldn't take it.

    Later Ally caught up to me and apologized for fighting. I smiled.

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682 days ago
Ok sorry! Kaity i just really don’t get it.
684 days ago
690 days ago
Hey Glitch this us coool
697 days ago
I like it but my shorts reach my knees so i see them but some my shirts are long. I like it I'm a little VSCO
697 days ago
It’s just that it doesn’t make sense to me why people wear that. I don’t get why it’s on ANYONE, let alone now it’s a trend!
698 days ago
Normal shorts, loooooong tshirt.
698 days ago
Kaity ok that answers my question. Also why do vsco girls never look like they’re wearing pants? Just curious.
699 days ago
Vsco girls are totally nice my friend Ava is VSCO and so are her friends I've met a lot of VSCO
699 days ago
Hi Glitch.
Ok this is really great writing first off.
I’m part sort of maybe vsco, but all the people around me seem to hate it. My best friend does. Mostly because every full on vsco girl she’s known has bullied her.
I have totally mixed feelings about it all. I don’t care what anyone wears. People can wear whatever they want it doesn’t matter. and I have a hydro flask literally because it’s a nice water bottle. Not for the trend. So while I disagree with my best friend, I understand where she is coming from.
Vsco girls are stereotyped as mean girls, which is actually the opposite of what this story says. So idk what to think it’s all so weird.
706 days ago
Hello I wrote this do you like it?