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Swearing is Never Cool

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This is an article I have written to remind everyone that swearing is never good or cool.

    Swearing is never Cool

    Have you ever used swear words or heard your classmates use them? Why is swearing so common in schools even in young children! I have done some research and I learnt about two reasons why many people swear.
    Firstly, they want to appear to be cool in front of others. Secondly, they want to feel like a grown up, even though they are kids.

    It is bad to swear and use vulgarities. We should stop children form swearing and I hope that the world would be better without anyone swearing.
    By neveah Hor

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10 days ago
Oh my goodness yes!! Kids swear all the time like its normal. Its not cool its annoying! I'm so glad people agree. Plus it is mean! thanks so much.
166 days ago
I agree! Swearing is horrible!
276 days ago
It depends a bit, though it’s so annoying when 10 and under are doing it- like it’s isn’t cool! But if they do it over the age I get it a bit, you have to give credit for what a lot of tweens do because of hormones and all. Especially since hormones are found in normal foods and lately more hormones are being put into our food-
298 days ago
if u showed me that two months ago i would say u were correct. now u are wrong. i am ten and even if i do not 🍦 swear as much as other bitces at school i still disagree with u
488 days ago
Neveah Im sorry but we do not share the same opinion. :( sorry
488 days ago
i swear all the time and im eleven so oof I'm sorry if I was being disrespectful but it isn't bad some words like "bites" (cant spell it right or it would be deleted) is rude and you shouldn't call someone that but if you say fuk its not really being mean soooooooooooooooooooooooo...
490 days ago
I'm only 8 and a 4 grader never stops swearing
565 days ago
Gotta show this to my friends...
680 days ago
I'm totally rubbing this in his face
680 days ago
I hate swearing I'm also 11 so no surprise
There's this kid in my class and he won't stop saying the f word
I've told him to stop and he won't
He's also a bully
734 days ago
Swearing is awful. It seems like it’s only used to shock people, so why?
753 days ago
What is this even for
775 days ago
I’m 18 so funk u bitces
826 days ago
I disagree. It's language. There's nothing wrong with it.
851 days ago
i aint stopping nice try though
858 days ago
I mean, bad words can’t really hurt anyone, unless you are being described with a bad word. But if you’re just using bad bad word in a sentence, it doesn’t really matter! 🙄
913 days ago
I aint' stopping dude
935 days ago
1015 days ago
We really should!
1022 days ago