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Let’s stop Racism

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This is an article I wrote to stress on the importance of putting a stop to racism

    Let’s stop Racism

    I believe that people of all races and religions should be accepted everywhere in the world. I feel that everyone deserves the right to education, a place to live in, an equal right to education, a right to receive health care. If we do not do our part in putting a stop to racism, then horrible things would happen like racial riots and wars which everyone would not want. However, we can learn to embrace our differences and friends of different races’ friendship can start to blossom!

    Moreover, I feel that if racial discrimination comes to an end, then wouldn’t world piece be a piece of cake?

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571 days ago
HAHAHAHA stupid round eye your country is doomed and the glorious PRC is coming
1152 days ago
wHy wOuLd aNyOnE AppReCiAtE rAcIsM . OnE oF mY cLosEst FrIeNdS Is BroWn aNd hEr MoM iS wHite
1167 days ago
Thanks for checking this out:) !!
1170 days ago
143 same! NHYT this was great, I love it!
1170 days ago
Hi! Very good speech and I don’t ever appreciate racism either. I actually think it’s really fun to learn about other cultures.
1174 days ago
Whoa, that’s coool...
1174 days ago
Yes stop it! U know my mom is Brown and I'm white like dad?