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She would hate me, I would hate her

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This is a true story about me and a girl called Yaren. This isn't the full story and is yet to be complete

    Tuesday 3rd September
    1st day of high school

    It all happened when I started high school (middle school if you are American.) I was in RS (religious studies) and I only knew one person, Siena, so obviously I sat with her. There were many people in my class but there was one person who was obviously used to bring the centre of attention. I soon found out that her name was Yaren. She had dark brown hair, tan coloured skin and a pointy nose. She looked at me. I looked at her. I was expecting a friendly smile - but no. Instead, I got a dirty look. From that day on, I knew we were not going to be friends. She never talked to me. She never even said hi when we walked past each other.

    When me and Siena were walking to our next lesson, History, we sat with each other again and Yaren was sat next to a girl called Olivia. Yaren didn't seem to talk to Olivia either. Although, at the end of the lesson, one person from each desk had to take the books in. Siena wanted to do it so I let her do it. Weirdly, Yaren asked Siena if she could take her's and Olivia's book as well.

    Wednesday 9th October
    Good for Ella, bad for me?

    My BFF Elize is in Yaren's form, and Elize doesn't like Yaren either. But strangely enough, Freya and Leah are FRIENDS with Yaren. To be honest, I have no clue why. Siena seems to be sort of friends with her.

    I was a bit late to school today, and my first lesson was history. When I walked into the classroom, I sorta FREAKED OUT when I saw YAREN sitting in MY SEAT next to SIENA. As I was late and the lesson had already started I couldn't talk to her to get MY RIGHTFUL SEAT back. I looked at where Yaren is MEANT TO SIT. But Olivia's friend, ELLA, was sat there. Then I looked at where Ella was MEANT TO SIT, next to Amber, there was no one there so I just walked over there. Hey, at least ๐Ÿ’•ALEX๐Ÿ’• was sat infront of me!

    Tuesday 19th November
    PE meltdown?

    Today we had PE. I was in set 2 and Elize was in set 3. The teacher told set 2's to get in partners with a set 3 so obviously, I went with Elize. Because there were quite a few set 2's without set 3's YAREN got told to go with me and Elize. Me and Yaren had already done what we were showing Elize so I demonstrated what we had to do. It was easy. All we had to do was throw a ball at a wall and catch it with the other hand.

    Soon after I had explained what we needed to do, Freya joined our group. She was timing us because she had hurt her leg and so couldn't do PE. Not gonna lie, Elize wasn't that good at it and got upset. Then, Freya and Yaren had a PROPER GO AT ME because apparently I wasn't explaining it properly. Then, Yaren explained it to her, but the thing that p I s s e d me off the most was that she used EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS AS ME!

    The next activity was the agility test and Yaren demonstrated. There were lots of sharp corners in the track and she kept doing it wrong. Me and Elize didn't even get to have a go at it because there wasn't any time after she had demonstrated properly.

    The final activity was the 30 metre sprint. Yaren demonstrated (even though it was my turn) and she slipped right at the start. She had only twisted her ankle but she got to go HOME?

    Saturday 23rd November

    What more can I say?

    You might think I am exaggerating about Yaren, but trust me, I'm not.

    I know I probably wasted your time with this but I needed to get that out if me.๐Ÿ˜‡

    Comment what you think about Yaren in the comments below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

    Trust me Yaren is horrible. You don't wanna EVER meet her

    ** Just had to fill in space

    ** same here

    See you!

    I feel like I'm wasting you're time

    Finally done ๐Ÿ˜‡

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Umm, can we get more stories? I get it I have several two-faced friends. They get annoying at times.
647 days ago
Yaren sounds annoying.
1024 days ago
That's really rude. I feel bad for you Fellow Earthling
1240 days ago
I really don't like Yaren. She's annoying.
1249 days ago
Amy Cobb that's RUDE. You shouldn't cheer Yaren on. She's making Fellow Earthling really upset and you need to respect the fact that she's been hurt by Yaren
1253 days ago
Haha ur life ๐Ÿ˜

1364 days ago
My comment went to both of the fanfics but itโ€™s still relevant here so
1364 days ago
I donโ€™t have pic collage sry
Anyways I think Yaren is excluding you for no reason at all tbh
1369 days ago
Whoops I put my username in wrong.

It is actually Itz_Emi_xo
1369 days ago
Hi ppl if any of u have pic collage. Cab u follow me? I just litterally made an account a few mins ago so I dont have any followers yet โ˜นโ˜น my user name is @Itz_Emi_xx

Also Thx TheQuizzyAddict
1369 days ago
Thefirst comment was for the first part and the second comment was for the second part of the story
1369 days ago
That's just plain rude!
1369 days ago
Woah Fellow Earthling that must be HARD! I know what it's like when someone you rllyyyy don't like is friends with ur friend. It's so annoying and Yaren seems... idk. She rlly seems to hate u for no reason.