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Grenasia the Majestic Elf of Nature

1 Chapter - 407 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 552 taken-The story is currently being written

This is the introduction to the story of my life. If you would please follow along as I write more chapters.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! I can improve the story by answering your questions and filling in loopholes.

    Grenasia the Majestic Elf of Nature

    I’d like to formally introduce myself. I am Grenasia the Majestic Elf of Nature. Please call me by this full name at all times as doing so is courteous in Elven Culturally Defined Nations.

    My world has been separated from yours (as I assume my readers are human creatures) since the Beginning of Time for Beings on Earth. We acquired the use of magic ever since our first ancestors were created. It’s as much a part of our being as, say, your or my voice.

    Now that’s enough about that. Let’s discuss me and my life. You might think elves must have their own language, and so how am I writing this in immaculately perfect English? Well...I do not live in an Elven Culturally Defined Nation any longer. I was living an amazing life there. I was planning to become a Engineer for the Construction of Advanced Architecture. I had a—what do you call it—boyfriend? of three years.
    Something tragic happened five years ago. Elves do not speak of it for fear of a curse being laid upon us.

    I have decided that publishing the story of this will help human beings become more aware of the troubles facing the Elven Culturally Defined Nations.
    However, it has been made clear that some of you will try to disregard my story. I have decided to test you to see if you are kind people as I can take no risks in the human world. Post no hate in the comments and I will continue to write and publish my narrative. I’ll start from where I left off. 

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1007 days ago
It could be a kind of IRL lifestyle game btwwww
1007 days ago
Hey ummmmm I had the name Ivy Elf Of Nature in mind before I saw any of these.... Could I do it like your name and we be sisters?
1007 days ago
So wonderful btwwwwwwwwwwwww
1007 days ago
Gren asia......... Isn't that the name on my elemental academ....
1019 days ago
Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!19 letters191919
1034 days ago
Sorry, Grenasia The MAJESTIC Elf Of Nature
1034 days ago
Cool, Grenasia The Elf Of Nature! Also, how do you pronounce your name? Is it like, Gren-ahs-ee-uh or gren-ashja?