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The Airport meeting

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This is a new novel I’m writing. This is just Chapter 1

    Copyright© 2019.This is a work of fiction by Neveah Hor. All rights reserved. No part of this book can be reproduced or copied or stored in any form. copyright and published in 2019.

    Aurelia headed for terminal 3 as she rolled her luggage and queued to check in. She was a Londoner travelling to America to start up her business. After what seemed like an eternity, it was Aurelia’s turn to check in.
    “ Aurelia Alexandra?” He confirmed as he opened the passport and stared intently at Aurelia. Nodding, Aurelia waited impatiently.
    “ Would it hurt to smile?” He asked, smiling. Aurelia looked intently at him. She realised he was so hot and he looked like a model on the magazine. His eyes so blue which could be seen as violet, eyebrows so defined, nose as sharp, lips like sugar and just so charming.
    “ You look beautiful when you smile,” he continued as he took a look at her passport again.
    “ Thanks,” Aurelia blushed, reaching her hands out ready to get her passport back.
    “ Here you go,” he said, winking, flashing his charming smile. Stunned, Aurelia checked her passport. However, besides her plane ticket, there was something else. There at the side was a neatly scribbled phone number. She looked up stunned and walked off.
    As she entered the plane, she was ushered to the business class.
    “ Urm, sorry, I booked the economy ticket,” Aurelia said, bewildered.
    “ Your ticket says business class, miss, go take your seat,” the air stewardess said.
    “ huh?” Aurelia muttered.
    Glancing at the ticket, she realised that her economy ticket was replaced with a business class one. She scanned through the details and saw that her name was on the ticket. What in a world was going on? Settling down in her seat, she looked around it. She had never ever sat in the business class before because her parents could only afford economy class. She had just graduated from Oxford University, getting a basic degree. Finding out that another year of university would be hard for her parents, she decided to be an entrepreneur and earn money for her family fast. She was determined and her parents were supportive of her too. As the safety video was played, Aurelia fastens her seatbelt, still at a loss for words.
    “ Cabin Crew, we are taking off soon,” the pilot announced.
    Just then, a familiar voice emanated.
    “ Fasten your seatbelt tighter,”
    Looking up, it was a familiar guy with his violet eyes again. He looked at Aurelia in charm.
    Winking, he strolled off.
    What is happening? A man who was an officer and then switched a job so fast to an air steward, wow.
    ‘ I have to be careful if him, he may look like the hottest guy in the world but he’s a stranger, that’s what he is.’ Aurelia thought to herself as she browsed through the catalogue on movies she could watch.Reading the preview of the movie, Aurelia mumbled, “ This is so amazing, it’s about Romeo and Juliet!”
    Engrossed, she continued watching.
    “ Hi, Miss, which lunch set would you like?” A voice emanated. It was him again. Blushing unknowingly, Aurelia looked up.
    “ We have the French toast, the Chinese noodles, the Paris macaroons and baguettes and lastly spaghetti,” he listed, smiling.
    Stunned, Aurelia stared into space.
    “ You’ve got to make your decision quick,” he continued, winking.
    “ French...french toasts,” she stammered.
    “ Drinks?” He asked.
    “ Plain water will do,” Aurelia answered quickly, looking back at the screen. Serving the dish, he whispered, “ You like Romeo an Juliet? Me too!” Adding on to her shock, she forced an uneasy smile.

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1116 days ago
NHYT, I only just saw your comment yesterday. So... this man could be a good person or a bad person. He's kind of suspicious. Who switches jobs in a matter of minutes? How has Aurelia's ticket changed from economy to business?
1154 days ago
There’s a chapter two coming up;))
but i haven’t started yet, hahaha
1154 days ago
Nice. Short and kind of strange... Cliffhanger.. All in all Andromeda