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She would hate me, I would hate her 2

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This is a true story about me and z girl called Yaren. This is episode 2 so make sure you read episode 1 first

    Friday 13th December

    It's only a glue stick, right?

    In History today (I'm still sat next to Amber) Yaren was giving out the glue sticks and she said in front of the whole class that the glue sticks reflect us and our personalities. Of course, she gave herself the best, new one and I got the dirty, gross one. It was a different brand to all the others. It also had a lump of chewing gum stuck to the bottom. Yes, I'm fine with being different and I do chew gum in class when we are not allowed but it actually really hurt me inside. Also when she was giving me mine, she said under her breath 'This ones perfect for you'. The glue stick didn't even work but luckily I came prepared and I had my own.

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419 days ago
Yaren sounds annoying.
796 days ago
That's really rude. I feel bad for you Fellow Earthling
1011 days ago
I really don't like Yaren. She's annoying.
1021 days ago
Amy Cobb that's RUDE. You shouldn't cheer Yaren on. She's making Fellow Earthling really upset and you need to respect the fact that she's been hurt by Yaren
1025 days ago
Haha ur life 😍

1136 days ago
My comment went to both of the fanfics but it’s still relevant here so
1136 days ago
I don’t have pic collage sry
Anyways I think Yaren is excluding you for no reason at all tbh
1140 days ago
Whoops I put my username in wrong.

It is actually Itz_Emi_xo
1141 days ago
Hi ppl if any of u have pic collage. Cab u follow me? I just litterally made an account a few mins ago so I dont have any followers yet ☹☹ my user name is @Itz_Emi_xx

Also Thx TheQuizzyAddict
1141 days ago
Thefirst comment was for the first part and the second comment was for the second part of the story
1141 days ago
That's just plain rude!
1141 days ago
Woah Fellow Earthling that must be HARD! I know what it's like when someone you rllyyyy don't like is friends with ur friend. It's so annoying and Yaren seems... idk. She rlly seems to hate u for no reason.