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If you are bored, do this!

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This tells you what to do when you are bored!

    Make a quiz/fanfic!

    Life can be very boring sometimes, so go and make a quiz on allthetests and that will kill some of your spare time!

    Call a friend

    If you are bored, it might mean your friends are bored too. Why don't you call or text one of them? Maybe one that you haven't seen in a while!

    Draw a picture

    For you artists out there, just draw a picture and keep drawing until your fingers ache. It's a great time killer!

    Go follow me on Pic Collage

    I'm bored as well and I just set up a pic collage account. I don't have many followers yet so please follow me @Itz_Emi_xo

    Play a family bored game

    Having some family fun is great. Especially since it's nearly Christmas! (At least, it was when this was made.) Cheer up your family by playing a game with them! Which one will you choose?


    Eating can help cure boredom. Sometimes. Maybe you want a chocolate bar or a cookie.

    Go to other websites

    As good as allthetests is, you might have had enough of quizzes. Try visiting other websites.

    Https://boredbutton.com is a good one.

    Try on clothes

    There must be lots of clothes in your wardrobe that haven't seen day light in a while. Try your clothes on and maybe you will find a new look!

    Go for a walk

    Maybe you could try going for a walk in the park and enjoying the scenery. If you are feeling sporty, why not go for a run in the park. Who knows? Maybe you will become the next Usain Bolt or Katarina Johnson Thompson?

    I hope you are no longer bored!

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1348 days ago
Yeh so umm my pic collage account got deleted. Maybe check out Pinterest?