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Are you out there?


    She sat on the bench of the orphanage, hidden under a hoodie.

    Why have they come for me? They won't take me.


    The couple walked into the room.

    "She has two personalities. Can you take her? And she looks extremely messy."

    "We understand. It's the reason we brought her." Glitch did not hear this.

    While they conversed, the girl they had with them turned to look at her. She motioned pulling her hair down, and Glitch realized her cyborg face had been uncovered. She pulled her hair back, and actually smiled a small smile. The girl had bright green hair, a neon color, but softer with a pastel-neon mix look. Her skin was fair and light, not pale. Her eyes shone as amethysts.

    Glitch shook her head, trying to stop thinking about her beauty. The girl looked back at the lady, still glancing at Glitch.

    Who was she? Were these her adopters? Or were they precarious foster parents, ready to give up at any moment? She hoped she'd meet this girl again if they were not, to be able to know her.

    A family

    "Hello, Valaria." "It's Glitch. Nice to meet you." She said. She was socially awkward. "Glitch, we are here to adopt you." "You're going to give me up, like all the rest." "Never! We've agreed to keep you no matter what. You're going to have a wonderful home." "How many children do you have?" "None ourselves, we can't. But we go around to help special children without parents. We give them a home. A life."

    The girl with the lime-neon-pastel hair smiled. "I'm Ivy. I still don't know much about this family. They just picked me up today and came right here." Glitch realized her eyes were now a dazzling blue. Ivy noticed. "It's just a disease." She said.


    Glitch smiled the biggest smile she'd smiled in awhile and burst into tears. "Thank you."

    In no time, they were off to the house.

    "Glitch, I'm Maria. This is my husband, Jacob. At home we have Aria, Leviathan, Czarina, Aron, Eric, Erika, Jordy, Viene, Ka'Siene, and Ophee. They are your family. Of course, we have three babies, Linda, Jackie, and Moe. And you've met Mar- I mean Ivy." Mar? Mar what? Mar? No, she cut herself off. I must find out. "Our housemaidens are Lois, Erin, Jane, and Susan, they help with you children."


    Glitch walked in the door with the other three.

    The house was gigantic and beautiful. From the bottom she could tell it was four stories tall, not including an underground room, a basement, and possibly an attic. There were adults everywhere, and two young kids running around.

    Glitch realized that for the first time in forever it felt like home.

    Somewhere she called home.

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967 days ago
This got published THAT FAST? FREAKIN HOW
967 days ago
Thanks so much.... I've been working on this for awhile.
967 days ago
Wow this is really good writing!