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The Real Jesus

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Something I learned at youth retreat..

    If you ask most people what Jesus looks like they would most
    likely say a gentle, kind, (maybe they would even go to say weak) loving God. But the Revelation Jesus is way different.
    In fact, it says in Revelation, (and this isn't the exact verse, but roughly paraphrased for you.)"And I saw the heavens open and a white horse who's rider was called Faithful and True. Out of his mouth protruded a sword with which He would strike down the nations." Here we see a fierce "Warrior God" who fights for his people, which, of course, are the Christians. The Bible also says this, "Satan will strike His heel, but He will crush the Devil's head." This predict the future, in which we see Jesus as this "Warrior God". He will trample His enemies,
    and there won't even be a fight. God will win. God will fight for you. Most people envision Jesus as their "best bro" and sometimes they can see things like, "Oh, I sinned. Well, he'll just forgive me, so it doesn't matter, right?" Wrong. In the end, Jesus will trample His enemies. You won't stand a chance if you're on the wrong team. Not a chance. And if God doesn't frighten you, like, you see Him as this loving, "Oh, God'll just forgive me," kinda guy, which He is loving, I'm not calling Him a monster or anything, but we've gotta put Revelation Jesus and Gospel Jesus together. We have the complete picture, guys, but most of us will agree with me on one thing. Sometimes we think of Jesus as this harmless dude who loves us and will forgive us no matter WHAT. Well, stay focused, because in the end, we will have no second chance. Envision Revelation Jesus and Gospel Jesus together. Get the complete picture. Thanks for reading and I hope you dwell on this thought, and thunk about it. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

    The best thing to do if you want to find out more is to read Revelation. If you don't have a Bible, borrow one or get one.
    Have a nice day!

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109 days ago
This is great! (Although I'm probably the only one who gets any of this.) I've been raised in the Church of God my whole life.. yet I never actually got saved until a few weeks ago, at a summer camp. Hope you'll continue writing stuff like this! Just a hint though.. explain who Jesus is in your next one.. some people don't know! I for one use a King James study bible.. it's actually the "New Life Study Bible." You can get them off of Amazon, and they're really good! Also, you guys should ALL read the Left Behind series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It has a lot of Revelation facts and helps you to understand that you DO NOT want to miss the Rapture. (Read up on the Word of God [Bible] to figure out that word. (; ) But to the person who wrote this.. although only by the grace of God will you see this comment.. I'd love to have email conversations!! I will send you one, and you can respond. Thank you so much for telling the world about the real Jesus!
726 days ago
wait what
729 days ago
good story god bless!
1060 days ago
Wait. What? Ummm... ok, I won't..... ???
1060 days ago
don't ask me what i'm doing rn
1060 days ago
Good point,quite interesting,and it gave me something to think about.
1061 days ago
Just something I learned at youth retreat.