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Glam (Part Three)

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Kelly started bouncing up and down.
"That's great news, Poppi!" She exclaimed, "great news!" Everyone else seemed to be at a loss for words. It was only natural, Poppi supposed, that they would be shocked. None of them had thought she'd ever be anything other than a waitress, either.
"That is," Mom said, recovering from her shock. "Are you supposed to go somewhere... sometime?"
"Tomorrow, two o'clock," Poppi replied.
"Does this mean our troubles are over?" Olly inquired.
"Nope!" Misty replied all-too-happily. "They're just beginning!"
"How do you know that?" Jamal gave his triplet a suspicious look.
"Because Poppi will be new at her job and she'll trip when she enters and every time she goes in the hallway to the left and five people will hate her because she's so good."
"Very specific," Nathan observed.
"Interesting," Cameron added.
"Now, now Misty, don't predict your sister's humiliation," Mom scolded.
"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine," Misty consented. "No one will hate her but she'll still trip every time she goes in the left hallway."
"Why?" Cameron queried.
"Because she always trips in our left hallway."
"That's not true," Poppi denied. Then she realized this had the potential for a full-blown argument and retired to room.

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Hello Angus.B
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Thanks @Not Your Average Pre-Teen! (And... I actually already read your story! Maybe I'll go comment... )
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To get to it, go to fan fiction, select other fan fiction and you find it!
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I love your story. My story is called I'm An Unpopular Girly Girl (Part 1). plz check it out!
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Thank you very much, Mackenzie!
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luv it so far! cant wait to read the other parts! this is ahmahzing
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I hope you like my story!