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The Twelve Hundred Days Of Awfulness

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Lola had your relatively normal, drama-free "boring" life. Until one day...
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((bold))It was a normal day, until everything changed.((ebold)) I was heading into school, meeting up with my friends like everyone does. "Hi guy
It was a normal day, until everything changed.
I was heading into school, meeting up with my friends like everyone does.
"Hi guys!" I greeted.
"Hi Lola!" Cecil exclaimed. She was wearing jeans that had been worn so many times they were falling apart and a worn cerulean button-down, but she always seemed to make her clothes look good. She was tan with kind of dark brown hair.
"Hey," Aquinnah said. Her hair was in a waist-length buttery blond braid and her blue eyes bored into me like she knew every secret I had. Estelle stood next to her. She was a brunette who didn't care for school--or anything else, for that matter. The warning bell rang, and we dashed for homeroom. Estelle was with me.
"I need to tell you something at lunch," she said in her no-nonsense voice.
"Meet by the restroom?" I suggested. She agreed. I wondered what she would have to tell me, but I had to suffer through my classes first. So once I got to the restroom, I was hyped for anything.
Well, anything except what Estelle told me.
"Lola, Aquinnah and I don't want to be your friends anymore," she decreed.

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1105 days ago
Yay! Can't wait for the next!
1106 days ago
NOPE It is not the end! But it might take a while for the next to come out ! Thx for reading
1112 days ago
WHAT!!!!!! This can't be the end ......please tell me it's not the end!😱
1121 days ago
@Not Your Average Pre-Teen first of all you don't have to change how you dress. I like to look nice sometimes, it is usually just how much attention and time that means you care about it a LOT. Second: thanks! Third: LOL
1127 days ago
Hey Glitterrrz!, I read your comment on my story: I'm An Unpopular Girly Girl and this is my reply: You're totally right. It is over-the-top and I care way too much about clothes. I should probably start dressing more like Jessica, or Tiffany. Also, I liked your story, but I read Part 2 first, so I thought Lola was in a real war (lol), but then I read Part 1 and was like, oh yeah, this makes so much more sense.
1139 days ago
Okay, thanks. Also this is the second, so if you haven't read the first it might make it a bit more confusing 😂 and no, it's fictional. I've never heard of something like this happening... it's all from my imagination
1140 days ago
Also, is this a real story?
1140 days ago
It's really good, just a bit confusing. Maybe you can specify what each character is wearing and how they feel.