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I am a high school student so don't expect a proper story. the story is based on my dreams and did not happen in reality. comment if you have some advice to improve my writing. Thank you!

    The music flowed around the room making the energy in the room spark. I looked around at all of my friends and fellow students all wearing dresses and button-ups. I made my way to the far corner of the gym to get a drink. I poured myself a cup of red punch and leaned my back against the wall. I watched everyone dance, laugh, and take pictures together. I looked down at my cup to drink but I noticed the punch was shaking. at first, I thought it might be the music until the whole room started to shake. the music switched to slow dance, everyone had stopped dancing and were now panicking, I fell onto my knees. suddenly the room stopped shaking, the music still played as everyone froze including me still on my hands and knees. my cup had fallen onto the floor and my dress had gotten some punch on it. the principle walked to the stage and said it was just a minor earthquake and to continue dancing. as he turned to walk away a figure crashed through the wall of the stage. the figure was tall and was almost like a fog except for a green circle floating in its chest. the principle continued walking and everyone continued dancing. as if I was the only one who had seen it. I stayed still for a moment when the figure started lunging at people, ripping them the shreds in one swipe. as the figure made its way across the room panic broke out. I jumped to my feet and ran the door but when I tried to open it. I realized it was locked, tears started to fills my eyes as screams and crying filled the room. the music made it feel like it was all in slow motion. I tried to help people but I was ignored. I ran to my friends to hear them crying and wondering why was everyone dying. I tried to tell them it was a figure but they couldn't hear me so I stood there in the middle of the room watching the figure tore through each person in that room. I had tears running down my face my once blue dress was drenched in the blood of my peers. the music stopped playing and all that was left was silence and the figure had disappeared leaving me as the only living person in that room. I walked back over to the punch table and served a cup of punch for my self when I caught a glimpse of something black in the reflection of the bowl. I froze and looked closer. the figure was in the reflection of the bowl. I then waved my hand and watched the figure do the same. I was the figure.

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258 days ago
that was so good. I am speechless. I mean amazing. Flawless. I loved it beginning to end!