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I was bored

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I was bored during school one day and wrote these. And in no way have I ever been nor will I ever be suicidal.

Way out

Wave after wave of sadness crash over me. Pushing me farther out from shore. All I can see is blue, a deep mountain blue. It seems as if there is no hope, no light, but there is always a way out. In your pastor's holster, in the kitchen cabinet, and in a drug bottle. There is always a way out, the question is, how badly do you want it?

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190 days ago
Pretty nice. I like it. Go check out my stuff btw.
641 days ago
good job!!😀
i liked the begnning the most
1018 days ago
Wow.....I’m confused!!!
1025 days ago
Have a nice day... month...year ... microsecond
1039 days ago
Very moving.
1040 days ago
And no, we are not the only ones. And yes, sometimes that can be reassuring.
1040 days ago
Haha! Thank you Lemony Willow.
1040 days ago
Wow this is very good writing! =D I like it!
I hope you feel better, and it's nice to know other people sometimes feel like this, and I'm not the only one... that probably sounds weird but... :/
1092 days ago
I was, but I quickly got over it. (Or did I? DUNT DUNT DUNT...)
1110 days ago
I like it, you sure must have been sad!😢😋
1110 days ago
This is weird and sad! I like it!