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An Extraordinary Collection Of Extraordinary Stories!

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In desperate need of some mouth fresheners? That I can't promise to give you. But what I CAN promise you are stories! These stories have the capability to somehow twist your mind. I am not saying much but these stories are sure to leave you awe-struck. They are truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (lol! Sorry) I don't think you would have read such type of stories ever. I hope you enjoy my original stories! Oh! And don't forget to check out my poem at the end.
>peace out<

-Sadie Stone.

Do you want to know how Bhuvi entered my life? It was a normal day when it all began. Usual getting late for tuition story. An auto picked me up everyday and the driver was an amiable and a jolly chap. He often entertained me on the way if I got bored.
It was raining heavily outside and was quite dark. We were on the way home from tuitions when one of the auto wheels punctured. Cursing heavily in his native tongue, the driver got down to replace the punctured tyre.
After a few minutes, I heard a muffled scream. I anxiously got down and dared to peep. In the next second, I found myself inhaling a dose of something very strong. Maybe chloroform? I barely even felt myself being dragged into a truck.
I woke up in a cellar. It looked extremely shabby and was a very dingy place. I rushed to the doors but found them locked. Tears welled in my eyes as a wave of emotions hit me hard. Fear? Anger? Resentment? Despair? I didn't know. I quietly sank into a corner and allowed my tears to gush out, engulfing me with its grief.
"Crying won't help", I heard a voice from not very fast away. I had barely noticed the fact that now I had a roommate (or is it more appropriate to call him my cellar-mate?). He continued," Instead of crying, think practically and help me get out of this damn place!", and stolidly went back to his sulking, indicating that he didn't want to speak further.
I realised that my rational thinking abilities had disappeared and I buckled myself up. I did a quick survey on the things available. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything of use. There were some old plastic bags, a few torn clothes and some dirty dishes we had to wash.
By then, Mr. Sulk-master came up to me with an outstretched arm and introduced himself, "I am Bhuvi. I need your help to escape from here. Today, I overheard one of our kidnappers talking on phone. They are planning to sell us as slaves to someone rich. He wants us to be there by the next 6 weeks. We need to find a route to escape by then. But the good news is that we have a head start. I found a hollow stone right here. But the path is covered with soil. Even if we manage to heave the rock, it would take a lot of time to dig an escape route without any tools. It could probably take more time than we have." I agreed to help him.
At days, both of us were given tedious chores to do. So, we used our chance at nights to dig a small portion of the path. While digging, we shared stories from our childhood, laughed and teased each other and soon became really close friends. He meant a lot to me and I am sure, I meant a lot to him too!
After 2 weeks, work hadn't progressed much. We still hadn't reached any closer to the halfway mark. Moreover, digging soil with our bare arms was a tiring job.
I was just humming along to a tune when a brainwave hit me. I ran immediately and fished out two pairs of spoons and forks from the dishes we had to wash. We used them as tools to dig faster. In another three and a half weeks, we completed our job.
On one fine day, we decided to escape the horrible cellar. We made our way out of the tunnel, embracing the long forgotten pecks of sunshine on our cheeks. We found ourselves in an isolated and unfamiliar area. So, we just strolled forward, his arm wrapped protectively around my shoulder. We had aimlessly wandered for quite a distance when I suddenly recognized the place. We were very close to my aunt's house.
I led Bhuvi there because we badly needed a place to rest. It was 7:00 AM. Everyday, a man would come to check on us at 10:30 AM.
As we entered my aunt's house, my aunt saw me first, dropped the platter she was holding and rushed to give me a hug, crying all over. She immediately called my parents. How anxious would they have been? I just wanted to see them.
My aunt asked about Bhuvi. I told her my story. She nodded. I asked Bhuvi to call his parents using my aunt's phone. He looked totally gloomy. When I enquired further, he told me that both his parents had passed away in a car crash an year ago. Just as I was expressing how sorry I was, trying to ignore the fact that he had kept something this huge from me, my parents arrived. Tears of joy welled in all our eyes as we hugged tightly. I introduced them to Bhuvi and suddenly remembering, asked if we could adopt Bhuvi. My parents thought for a while and then agreed. Bhuvi and me were so overjoyed, we started jumping all over the place in spite of how tired we felt. He then came to me, wrapped me in a hug and exclaimed, " WE ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST BROTHERS EVER!", to which I nodded my head and returned his embrace. We were truly the best brothers. We couldn't live without each other since that traumatic incident.
We filed a complaint in the police station and led the police to the kidnappers' base. My auto driver had unfortunately fractured his spine but he would recover in a few days.
I am really excited. Bhuvi is taking me out today to watch a new movie in the mall. Just the two of us brothers. It's gonna be so much fun. Bye!

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Heyy... awesome stories!!! Mindblowing really!