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The Banana Contest

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1 Chapter - 175 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 896 taken- The story is completed

Welcome to the Banana contest where you let your imagination run wild and show off your flair for writing. You are interested and excited about it right? Write.


1. Entry must be a short story

2. Minimum number of words: 50, Maximum number of words: 5000

3. Any genres are accepted!

4. Your work must be original

5. The word ‘Banana’ must be mentioned in your story at least 10 times.

1st-3rd: A certificate dedicated to you on allthetests( I promise it’s going to be nice)

ᗩᒪᒪ Tᕼᗴ ᗷᗴᔕT!

Start date: 20/03/2020

End date: 01/06/2020

Start writing now!

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514 days ago
Thanks The Dancing Minstrel, and congratulations to you and Banana too!
I have absolutely no idea how I got 1st, tbh lol!
517 days ago
Yay i got third!😊
Congrats AddyNick and Banana!
Thank you for the certificates, Naveah Hor!
I'm not trying to be jerk or anything, but:
"The nervous or emotional tremor in a person's speaking voice is one kind of quaver. It's also a primarily British term for an eighth note in music. ... The fifteenth century meaning of quaver is 'to tremble or vibrate,' and it's related to the earlier cwavien, 'to shake,' from the Low German word quabbeln, 'tremble.'"
I'm not trying to be mean but i looked it up, so im sorry sorry☹
518 days ago
I made my own contest the summer contest and just came across this if you wanna enter go here https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1593610318/Summer-contest-entry

And comment what it says to for a chance to win a prize of your choosing thanks
521 days ago
Wait, I am SO confused!!!
527 days ago
Howd i miss thisissss
544 days ago
575 days ago
Once it’s time, I’ll be releasing the results here. I’ll be giving feedback on all the entries:)
580 days ago
Sorry mine isn't very good !
604 days ago
Thanks for letting me do that, and it's in the of here fan fictions--it's called My Banana Contest Entry, so it should be pretty easy to find...
607 days ago
Hey everyone! Thanks for participating in this quiz! We’ll wait for further entries until 1 June 2020.
@AddyNick, Yes you can do so! Do inform me here once you have published it on allthetests under your name:)
608 days ago
Walking down the beach, I sighed. What a wonderful day.
Gray skies, pouring rain, and thunder on the horizon.
Oh well. Stormy days mean that if you're a vampire, even though you get wet, you can go out and about without fear of being burned by the sun. It also means the beaches are deserted.
Strolling with my umbrella, I watched the waves. There was a lot of debris on the ground, washed up by the waves or left by tourists. I shook my head at beach towels, hot dog buns, and even a tire or two.
Then I saw something that caught my eye.
Small and yellow, it was being washed up by the waves.
I walked over to it, curious, clutching my umbrella as the rain increased in intensity and the winds picked up.
It was a banana.
Startled, I picked it up. It was perfectly ripe. Now, as a vampire, I don’t usually eat foods like bananas, my diet consisting primarily of blood. But this banana just looked so perfectly enticing…
I peeled it rapidly, making good use of my three-inch claw-like fingernails.
“Oy! You! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you!”
I froze, stunned. Bananas don’t have mouths, so naturally I was surprised.
The banana was motionless. I stared at it.
“Why on earth would you eat a poor defenseless banana like myself?” the voice hollered. No movement came from the banana, and yet the sound was, quite clearly, coming from the banana.
“I’m innocent! I mean, honestly, you humans are so arrogant sometimes!”
Before it could continue on its rant, I piped up, “I’m not a human. I’m a vampire.”
“You’re all the same to me,” the banana grumbled.
“Yes, well… I’ll be on my way, if it’s all the same to you. Um, where should I put you?” I said, voice quavering slightly.
“Just drop me back in the ocean, vampire,” it said, sounding unhappy, of at least as unhappy as a banana can sound.
So I did.
And I never again saw a talking banana in my seven hundred years.
608 days ago
My story has too many characters for allthetests' limit so is it okay if I publish it under my name and call it like "Banana Contest Entry" or something?
610 days ago
Hi. My name is Ben, you might find it hard to believe at first but I'm a banana. Yes you read that right, I'm a banana. My little sister is called Betty and she's a banana too! None of my friends are bananas though. My best friend, Sam, is a strawberry! And Millie is a melon! I'm at school right now. Writing in my diary because I'm always bored in math. My teacher is a lemon. I'm not surprised, she has a very sour personality. Anyway here is my life as a banana. 1. 3 of the mean boys in my class are always insulting me for being tall. They are brothers and they are plums. It's not my fault I'm a banana! I was born this way. 2. I am taller and thinner than most people and finally 3. There are no other bananas in my school except my sister. I am excepted to marry a banana but I haven't met one from a different family yet. I'll live alone 🍌🍌
611 days ago
What do I do if my story is less than the limit of words here, but the spaces count for characters so I can't post it in the comments?
611 days ago
The girl sighed. On her desk lay a banana. It was yellow, with light brown spots. It looked harmless.

But that banana could possibly be the most dangerous banana in the world. The girl rolled up her sleeves and flicked her fingers. The banana rose up, about a foot from her desk in the air. The girl narrowed her eyes, then made a complicated gesture at the banana.

Nothing happened.

The girl muttered fiercely under her breath, probably cursing, then lowered her hands. The banana dropped to the table, emitting a dull ‘thunk.’

Almost immediately, the banana began to glow, pulsing with an otherworldly light, bright yellow and intimidating.

The girl backed away, frightened. This had never happened before.

The banana rose off the table of its own accord, then drifted slowly on an invisible string to where the girl had hidden herself under another table.

Her breath came in shallow and terrified. She could quite easily be killed by the fruit, the banana.

The banana hovered by the door, then exploded in a fiery explosion.
611 days ago
Once upon a time a banana was walking down the street and saw another banana. Both of the bananas looked at each other and said "are you a banana?" Then that banana looked at the other banana and said "we are both bananas. Then both of the bananas started eating each others banana face. Rip bananaz.