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Destruction: Chapter 1

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1 Chapter - 366 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 358 taken- The story is completed

This is a short book that will (hopefully) excite you!

    Her sharp blue eyes darted back and forth. All clear, she thought. She alighted into the town, her dark hood streaming behind her. This must be the place. It was built almost entirely out of wood, for sure. It would burn easily. She started the process of creating a flame, fanning the flame, and setting the town ablaze, right in the heart of it--where it would hurt the most. She threw the burning sticks in her hand right at the tallest building and fled, throwing more burning sticks as she ran.
    "Fire! Fire!" The butcher had seen the fire, and now he had to warn the town.
    "What?" His wife (who was also a butcher) walked to the door. "What could you be doing at such a late--oh dear. FIRE!" She screamed. She scrambled out the door. She was loud when she needed to be, that was for sure. "FIRE!"
    "Fire!" By now the other citizens had heard and were streaming out the doors, seeing the fire, and then helping by either getting the young and the elderly out or fetching water from the various wells and streams. But the fire had already risen to magnificent heights, all the way at the top of the four-story building and rapidly spreading.
    "There's nothing we can do," one woman said hopelessly.
    "Wait a minute! We have to keep on trying!" Her fifteen year old daughter, Annette, protested.
    "There's too much fire!" Her mother argued. Annette turned on her heel.
    "That's it. I'm going in," she declared determinedly.

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