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“I’m sick and tired of this!” Zane complained as his twin sister Abigail drew a picture of them in the dirt. “Stop complaining there’s nothi
“I’m sick and tired of this!” Zane complained as his twin sister Abigail drew a picture of them in the dirt. “Stop complaining there’s nothing we can do about it” Abigail replied.
Abigail and Zane’s parents died in a car accident causing them to live on the streets ever since they were toddlers. Because they were just children, thieves and criminals would always chase them around town and steal their money. Abigail and Zane were sick and tired of it.
“What are you drawing there little girl?” Asked a voice behind them. The twins slowly turned around to see another thief behind them.
They ran.
By now they have done this so many times, they knew the city like the back of they’re hands. But unfortunately for them, they got lost.
“At least we lost him!” Zane said trying to stay happy. “It could’ve been much worse!” He exclaimed. “You know we could just live here this time, they took all of our money!” He turned around. “Abigail?” He asked. She was on the floor crying. “Hey” he said putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. “What’s wrong?” Zane hates to see his sister cry, yet she was always crying.
“The charm bracelet” Abigail whispered. “It’s gone”
Abigail’s charm bracelet was a gift from her parents before they died. It was the only thing they had left if them.
“Where did it go?” Zane asked trying to sound calm. The truth was, he was just as sad as Abigail but he didn’t want to show it. She pointed towards a cliff, and Zane followed her gaze. “There!” Zane shouted. “How could it possibly get there!” Abigail put her head into her arms. “The thief threw it” she mumbled.
Zane looked up at the cliff. “I don’t think we’ll be able to get it” Zane told Abigail. “I’m sorry” Abigail abruptly stood up. “No! It’s only half way up! I can get it!” She said. “Please?” Zane shook his head. “I don’t want you to get hurt”
But it was too late. Abigail was sprinting towards the cliff. “Abigail! Wait!” She was a lot faster than she looked.
Abigail started her climb. An hour later, she made it to the bracelet and slipped it on her wrist. “Okay you got it now! Come down! Let’s go home!” Zane yelled. But Abigail wouldn’t move. “Come on Abigail! Don’t be stubborn” she still stayed put like a car that had run out of gas.
Then all of the sudden, she started climbing higher and higher, to the top of the cliff. “Abigail!” Zane called. She didn’t respond. She had this strange urge to get to the top, as if she was a magnet and the top was a fridge.
After a couple of minutes of calling for Abigail, Zane decided to climb after her and bring her down safely. He looked at the cliff in front of him. The rocks were too sharp to climb and the footholds were too small, but he needed to get to his sister.
Abigail’s knees bled, her clothes ripped, blisters formed on her hands, but she didn’t care. She wanted so bad to get to the top.
At last, she made it and she collapsed on the hard rocky surface. She laid on the floor for a while then found her strength to stand up. As soon as she did she collapsed again and cried. She felt like such a fool. She came all this way for nothing and worst of all, she made Zane come after her. But she still had this empty feeling inside of her that was begging her to move forward, so she did. She made her way to the centre of the mountain where she found a smooth round rock. It was slightly glowing and as red as a ruby. She realized it was a necklace and put it on. But now that she got what she wanted, it made her cry even more. This was just a useless necklace. There was nothing she could do with it. She couldn’t even find a way to get back down the cliff. She cried and cried, but all of the sudden her tears felt like hot coals on her cheeks.
Her insides felt like pure fire spreading throughout her whole body. From her chest, to her eyes, to her fingertips. It came to the point that it hurt so bad she couldn’t see anything, and everything around her seemed like pure light.
She screamed. “Abigail?” Zane asked. His worry for her made him climb faster and higher. And with every step, he got more and more worried.
The fire inside of Abigail seemed to expand and scream to come out. She held it in as long as she could, but eventually it escaped. The flames shot out of her fingertips, Abigail was shocked. She was like her favourite superhero, he could summon and control fire at will, and it wouldn’t burn them at all. She laughed. All of the sudden the pain felt good. It felt good to yell and scream. It felt good to burn away her tears and pain.
That was the exact moment Zane made it to the top of the cliff worried out of his mind. The sight of his sister in fire was enough for him to lose his grip in shock and start falling.
By the time Abigail heard his scream, it was too late.
Zane was dead.

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Hello I'm a member of the writing club and here is our master piece.
We have turns to write it so you'll notice a difference between the chapters.
Please give it a chance.
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The sequel is now out and ready to read!