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Glam (Part Four)

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4 Chapter - 875 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 458 taken-The story is currently being written

Poppi is about to do something she has very little experience in...

"So why do I have to go to a dinner anyway?" Poppi queried.
"I thought someone told you already," William replied. It was right before the door to the address Poppi had been told to go to. "It's so that you can get to know people you have already been introduced to more. Everyone goes to it their first day." She nodded.
"I understand..." then she strolled to the door and knocked. A tall woman about twenty with her dark hair in a braided bun opened it.
"Welcome!" She gushed in a high-profile voice, "come in!" Poppi stepped in nervously, and William as if he'd done it a million times already. "I'm Tamira, you're Poppi, right? And William, it's so nice to see you!"
"Nice to see you too," William replied, but Poppi couldn't tell if he actually meant it or not.
"Yeah, I'm Poppi," she said. The house was a very large one, pristine and ornate. Tamira brought them to a dining table with a red tablecloth and chandelier overhead, chatting all the way.
"We're having roast beef and fruit salad, a long with vegetables. There'll also be chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting afterwards. I always love dinners! Someone once said I was too clean, too prepared, too something or other but you can never be--! Oh hi, Sylvie!" She exclaimed. Sylvie was right beside us.
"Hello Tamira," she greeted. Poppi was a bit overwhelmed--what was she supposed to do? Tamira had just overloaded her brain, talking without taking a breath, as it seemed. She realized Sylvie had just greeted her and William also.
"Hi," she managed. Oh, would this be a disaster?

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Hello Angus.B
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458 days ago
Thanks @Not Your Average Pre-Teen! (And... I actually already read your story! Maybe I'll go comment... )
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To get to it, go to fan fiction, select other fan fiction and you find it!
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I love your story. My story is called I'm An Unpopular Girly Girl (Part 1). plz check it out!
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Thank you very much, Mackenzie!
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luv it so far! cant wait to read the other parts! this is ahmahzing
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I hope you like my story!