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Stuck With Me

2 Chapter - 335 Words - Developed by:
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Here's a story that is VERY loosely based on... how I feel about some things that happened

    I miss him. I miss him! He's gone over the ocean, and now I can't see him anymore. I'll be alone. I'll never get close to anyone ever again if it leads to feeling like this.
    The next thing I do is my college class. I have to do a project with one other person, who's already been assigned to me. A man called Jayden is my partner. We hardly know each other, and I haven't liked what I've seen of him. I eye him up and down.
    "What?" He grumbles. "Are you going to complain about your partner?"
    "Are you grumbling?" I counter.
    "No," he replies defensively.
    "We have to work together. I hardly know you."
    "You're stuck with me," he says.

    Karen is kind. Karen is brave. Karen is everything that I'm not.
    Maybe I'm just missing my older sister, Sammie. She passed away a year ago, and for a while I thought I'd never be able to become close to someone again. Then when I tried, it seemed that I'd lost my ability to converse well. Then I met Karen, and she makes the world have color again. But she doesn't like me. She eyes me like I killed her cat. But she'll change her mind. Hopefully...

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975 days ago
I have similar feelings to 1. My best friend (like we met when we were 1) moved to Europe last year. It devastated me. We were the best together. Also, before that, a bunch of my good friends moved away. And, at the end of this year, my other good friend is moving away. Why must everyone move? I mean, it’s everyone. Who will I be left with? The next friend I make will probably move away too. (This isn’t loosely based, it’s true. But i won’t mention names.)
1023 days ago
*to clarify, feel free to comment. Please don't hate comment, though
1029 days ago
To clarify, this story is not based on an event, but a feeling. Please no hate/comment! 💕