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The Twelve Hundred Days Of Awfulness 2

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Lola decided to fight back--but with only two months to change things, it's going to be close.

I could tell there was something Andy was hiding from me. For one, he had been shifting awkwardly in his seat for five minutes, and for two, he'd already started telling me three times.
"All right. Out with it," I proclaimed.
"My parents--they uh, I'm not going to go to school for the next two months, they're gonna home-school me," he told me. My eyes widened.
"Why? Two months left and suddenly you're becoming home-schooled?" I exclaimed.
"They really hate how this school has turned out," Andy explained, "and they don't want me here longer than I have to be. They told me last night that this is my last day here." I was crestfallen. I was shocked. I was saddened. I was angry. My only friend's parents didn't like the school so even though high school is two months and a summer away, they pull him out to home-school him.
"Will you like it? What will I do?" I questioned.
"I don't know if I'll like it. Why don't you make friends with some people who aren't involved in the 'war'? There are more than you think," he advised.
"Whatever," I grumbled.

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617 days ago
Yay! Can't wait for the next!
618 days ago
NOPE It is not the end! But it might take a while for the next to come out ! Thx for reading
624 days ago
WHAT!!!!!! This can't be the end ......please tell me it's not the end!😱
633 days ago
@Not Your Average Pre-Teen first of all you don't have to change how you dress. I like to look nice sometimes, it is usually just how much attention and time that means you care about it a LOT. Second: thanks! Third: LOL
640 days ago
Hey Glitterrrz!, I read your comment on my story: I'm An Unpopular Girly Girl and this is my reply: You're totally right. It is over-the-top and I care way too much about clothes. I should probably start dressing more like Jessica, or Tiffany. Also, I liked your story, but I read Part 2 first, so I thought Lola was in a real war (lol), but then I read Part 1 and was like, oh yeah, this makes so much more sense.
651 days ago
Okay, thanks. Also this is the second, so if you haven't read the first it might make it a bit more confusing 😂 and no, it's fictional. I've never heard of something like this happening... it's all from my imagination
652 days ago
Also, is this a real story?
652 days ago
It's really good, just a bit confusing. Maybe you can specify what each character is wearing and how they feel.