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I'm An Unpopular Girly Girl (Part 1)

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This is a story that I wrote based on my life. But this isn't what actually happened. Read on!

“Lily Pulzer, you’re so weird because you dress too girly and wear way too much makeup,” teased Sophia Meyhers, a popular girl at my school. She was wearing a black crop-top. The crop-top said, “GIRLS ROCK!” in big white letters. She was also wearing ripped black jeans and black sneakers. As for her makeup, she wore super dark mascara, dark eyebrow gel, concealer, and clear lip gloss. What a goth! I wouldn’t ever wear that… I was wearing a pink cashmere v-neck, black leather mini-skirt, and closed-toed pink heels. As for my makeup, I wore foundation, concealer, mascara, bronzer, highlighter, blush, hot pink lipstick, eyeliner, and some pink eyeshadow. The same shade as my heels and sweater of course. That’s pretty basic makeup, right?

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1004 days ago
its like this at my school too. i dont understand why you want to dress like that. dresses, skirts and makeup dont really make who you are.
1030 days ago
Hi, I don’t mean to take any attention away from this story, but i kind wanted to advertise a quiz I made a couple of days ago, it’s called “which aesthetic are you”. I’d really appreciate if you could check it out. Thank you so much!
1046 days ago
I like all the descriptions of the clothes, it's not very practical at all though no one would were those clothes to school, but I can really see what your describing! When will the second come out?💖
1061 days ago
My school is sorta the same as your school except we have school uniform so none of this stuff happens. My category is trendy/casual. You aren't the only girly in your school. You said other people had girly category as well
1063 days ago
And also, now I realized that this whole girly thing is dumb. I should probably dress more like Elise or something.
1063 days ago
Sorry guys! Part 2 will be delayed due to personal reasons! And I am working on Not Your Average Pre-Teen's REAL Information. I think it will be ready in a several days! Have a great day! Sorry for the delay!
1066 days ago
This is a great story! But all the description of people's clothes... just seems a little over-the-top. (No offense! 😃)
1069 days ago
I just want to let you guys know that I am going to have Part 2 in a few days. Also, this story isn't really what happened. I don't wear as much makeup as Lily, and pretty much everyone at my school is an Elise, Veronica, Zoe, Jessica or Paige. TBH, no one wears makeup at my school. It's pretty rare to even see someone wearing bit of mascara, powder or lip gloss. I'm like, 75% Lily, 15% Lisa and 10% Aliza. If you want to check out REAL facts about me, check out, "Not Your Average Teen's REAL Information." It will be posted on this website in a few days.
1070 days ago
Not Your Average Pre-Teen, I don’t think you’re the only girly girl at your school, you’re probably the most girly girl, but I’m sure that you’re not the only one.
1076 days ago
Anyone with me? (it's a great story;don't get me wrong)
1076 days ago
No offense, but the main character cares way too much about clothes and makeup.