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Dance passion

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This is what dance passion is for me.

    Dance is a passion.You eat, sleep, think, live-DANCE

    It sounds like a bunch of trouble, but us dancers have lots of fun! (Except for cramps, knots, twisting your hair into proper buns, slipping on jazz pants, tearing your tights, falling, broken arms and legs, popping a knee, Sprains, exhaustion, etc.)

    So! why continue? its a dream.why start if you’re not gonna finish?

    You can fly through the air in a graceful (or not graceful)tour jéte, practice those rolling grab - offs...pivot into a triple Pirouette! and fall-feel the teacher force you into a straight position!
    “ Kerian, good. pelvis lifted!

    Performance! go through partner dancing with a boy, a crush or enemy, but so worth it when the audience clap along with the music, dancing in their seat! then, the final bow, a standing ovation!

    So, it is worth it.our passion, joy, hobby, occupation,
    This is why we dance.

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1011 days ago
cool. I do dance, too.