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The Coronavirus: What to do and how to help others while your stuck at home.

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    Number one, please, please, please stay home if at all possible! Going to the grocery store counts as going out, so if you can, get your groceries delivered or pick up, or make a really detailed list and go shopping once a month.Staying home is the only way to stop the spread so please, please stay HOME! Even if President Trump lifts the restrictions on your state, please stay home if your able to.If you’re not able to stay home, I’ll be praying for you!(actually I’ll be praying for you anyway but..)
    Something you can do that is small but can make a really big impact on a person is sending a cheerful card or email or text, or even call to a person who you aren’t in regular contact with.I promise you, it will make their day.
    Also, if you can, it would make a mail carrier extremely happy if you wrote a short note (you could put a quote or a joke or say something along the lines of “we appreciate you!”)even a post it note would be good, or wave and say thank you to them.They can’t stop their job easily and mail is quite germy.
    Any way, hope this helps you and have a great day and stay healthy!

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377 days ago
I believe that we have nothing to fear because we know God is on our side. We shouldn’t live in fear! Because then we’re saying a virus is bigger than God. You don’t trust Him! Christians don’t need to worry, because if we die we’re going to a much better place than this. And from what I know, it is pretty much just a flu. You know why people are dying? From complications of coronavirus! It won’t stop if we hide. You know what’ll stop it? Immunity! Which you only get from having the virus. Yes, it’s real. But I think the way it was handled is a bit of a conspiracy. I mean, really, Covid-19 can act like anything and anything can be Covid? They’re controlling almost everything that we do. Wear a mask. Stay inside. We can kick you out if you don’t. I want my freedom back! And if Covid kills me, I’m going to heaven. I don’t want to die, but I don’t have to fear death.
That was very long. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, this is just my opinion.
379 days ago
441 days ago
I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
476 days ago
Lol is anyone here?
499 days ago
Hi! I made a fan fic that worked!
506 days ago
I know it's a big deal. But... look at Ravenclaw's comment. I don't think "everything is ok," in fact, some parts of this world and some things that happen in this world are pretty messed up. Like Ravenclaw said, we should be cautious, so wearing masks in case we sneeze and stuff, but not afraid, as in won't leave the house for 5 months after we are able too. It's not very contagious for kids, actually. It's usually asymptomatic. For kids, not adults. I'm not saying it's nothing. I'm not saying it's not a huge deal. I'm saying not to be afraid (which is something I struggle with for some things)
Basically...what Ravenclaw said + those things I said.
506 days ago
My family and I have not been off of our property for over 3 months except for a grocery pickup.I can’t speak for anyone else but my opinion is that we should be cautions not afraid.Yes,this is a big deal,yes,it’s the biggest thing in a century to happen,yes,we should definitely not go out,but what is fear going to do for you? I’m religious,and its not my place to judge what other people are doing.Non-religious people seem to think that religious people judge and point fingers and think that they’re better,but that is the opposite of what God tells us to do.Encourage other people to believe,but it’s none of our beeswax what other people do with their lives.Spread the word of God,but if they’re trying to tell you what to do with your life,they’re total Hippocrates.Ok,did that even make any sense?😂
506 days ago
AddyNick - No, I will go back to restaurants and school! Just not during the virus. I mean, I haven’t ate at a restaurant for 3 months because of the virus! I really don’t know why you guys aren’t scared of the virus. You should be! It’s very contagious!!! We should be afraid this is a pandemic!!! Nothing like this happened before except the Spanish Flu. I don’t why you still think “It just a flu!” No, it’s not! So stop saying it’s nothing and not a big deal!!! You know what, if it’s such a big deal why aren’t people not going outside, why are somethings illegal now it’s not such a big deal? In Michigan it’s illegal it go to other people houses!!! Stop with the B.S!!! This is a HUGE DEAL!!! You guys are really religious and think everything is ok. But I don’t believe in god and think the virus is HUGE!!! JUST STOP!!! I know this is offensive but you guys are saying kinds of stuff that I don’t believe and think is wrong, so whatever! You should be afraid! I can’t make you be afraid but you should be!!!
506 days ago
No, I thought it was pretty accurate!
507 days ago
Was I a little rude in my last comment? Sorry
508 days ago
God said to be fruitful and multiply!
So I highly doubt this virus is for population purposes.
508 days ago
God didn’t make this happen.Heclet it happen,for reasons that we don’t need to know.It could be a way of letting us appreciate our blessings more.Or just to remind us who’s in charge.Stay at home,stay away from people for a bit,but don’t be scared of it.Enjoy the time you have with your family,no matter how annoying they are.
508 days ago
So? Are you going to spend your life being afraid of disasters happening? Are you never going to go to school again because of fear? Or even your favorite restaurant? Cuz that's not living. FYI, I have had panic attacks (not very many but I have still had the experience) and I am saying that nobody needs fear. If you want fear, you're crazy (no offence. I'm crazy, but not in that way)
508 days ago
AddyNick - We should be afraid. It’s a pandemic! It’s the biggest thing in modern history!
509 days ago
You said we should be afraid. And being afraid never helped anyone. (I am not suggesting we be completely reckless. I am just saying that fear isn't something we need.)
509 days ago
AddyNick- What do you mean?
510 days ago
Also, I have a question--what is fear going to do for you? Saying someone should be afraid is like saying someone should be depressed. It never helps you in any way. And I am afraid of some stuff, just *refer to above points*
510 days ago
I do.
510 days ago
AddyNick- Do you believe is god? I don’t.
510 days ago
I'm not exactly part of this conversation, but this is rather public so I'm just going to say thay I don't believe God would make Covid-19 just so we don't overpopulate. I believe He would have a deeper reason than just that, but He is God and nobody can fully understand Him.