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How My Prank Backfired On Me

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During quarantine, I was just watching a YouTube video and accidentally clicked on an ad. What could that lead to?

    I was watching a YouTube video on my laptop and I saw an ad for a game called Hero Wars. I accidentally clicked on the ad and I went to the game. Once I get into a game, it’s almost impossible to get out. I clicked on the chat button. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to chat until you get to level 20 and that would take a long time. But I could see the comments other people made. One person had a comment that had a google meet link. I decided to click on it. When I clicked on it, I decided not to show my face, so I shut the camera off. Then I asked to join and someone accepted me. They looked around nine or ten. In the comments, someone asked me, “How old are you?” I replied saying I was fifteen years old, but I was really eleven. I asked them how old they were. They said they were eleven and I was surprised because I thought they were younger than that. One girl asked me to show my face and I started to get scared. If I show them my face, will they think I lied about my age? I said, “Maybe I will.” Then another person said she thought I was going to steal their information and that I was probably an adult. Wait, what? I am not stealing anybody’s information, but that’s funny she thinks I am. I said, “I’m a forty-six year old man out to get you! Just kidding.” “That’s creepy,” said someone. Then another person said, “But she said, ‘just kidding’.” Then I said, “I’m only a fifteen year old girl. Promise!” Then someone asked me to turn on my camera again and I finally agreed since I didn’t want them to think I was trying to steal kids’ information. But I was kind of scared that someone would say that I wasn’t actually fifteen. I turned on my camera and started laughing. Then the person who said I was stealing people’s information said, “Okay, so she obviously isn’t an adult, but fifteen year olds can sell people’s information too.” Wait, they still think I’m fifteen? “Yeah, you’re right,” said another kid, “We should kick her out.” At this point, I wanted to tell them I was actually only eleven, but they kicked me out. Oh dang it! This prank backfired on me. I asked to join about five more times, but no one accepted my request. I would mention in the chat that I was only eleven, but again, I need to get to level 20 to talk to them. Arrgh! I wanted to be friends with them. I can’t believe they actually believed I was fifteen, even after I showed my face.

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188 days ago
Lol.smart move tho! Never show ur face online tho. And yeah pretty funny!
1049 days ago
Oh dear 😂😬