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What’s this about you wonder? Read and find out.Go on, you know you want to. Go on, READ.It’ll only take you a minute.


    Look, I’ll get straight to the point.The only difference between white people and black people and all the shades in between is the melatonin content of their skin. That's all. Nothing else. We’re all humans with hands and feet and noses and hair and thoughts and dreams, hopes and ideas.Black people come from places with more sunlight, so their skin naturally built up an immunity to the sun. White people get tanned the more time they spend in the sun right? People who live in higher altitude get larger nostrils right? It's the same thing. We are different.All humans are different.There are so many different races and cultures and cuisines and hobbies and colors and languages and places and religions and climates and plants and animals, the world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t be worth while to go on trips would it? We are different. Different yes, but equal. Apples and oranges are different fruit, agree? But, in the end, they are fruit. There is really no point at all in being racist. It's not necessary, it’s not helpful, it’s not anything but bullying.We are humans.We’re stuck together on this earth. You know how Biden said that “If he’s elected President he'll chose a female Vice President”? What is that if not sexist? And posing with black people? What is that if not racist? Men and women are different but equal. White and black people are different looking but equal.
    We are equal.

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896 days ago
This is very well written , its such a powerful message ,everyone should read this .
898 days ago
Yes. Yes. I love this. Eveyone on the earth should read this
906 days ago
I just don't get it
920 days ago
Yes,that’s the way it SHOULD be.Buuuttt,people are prejudiced because I have no idea why.
924 days ago
I don't get the whole black protesters thing.They say BLACK LIVES MATTER.why not just ALL LIVES MATTER? God created everyone equal. It shouldn't matter what race,religion, or skin color we are .
961 days ago
I don’t....
964 days ago
Well, to some extent everyone’s racist. Even people who say they aren’t like me and you still must be a little racist. It’s human! I’m not saying it’s a good thing. Do you get what I mean?
964 days ago
Oh,ok😂😂 I thought you said you were racist.😅Yes I totally agree with you!!And yes,it’s I’m pretty sure your theory is right.
964 days ago
Oh.....whoops.....I mis-typed the whole comment!!! :( This is what it’s supposed to say:

I really don’t get why because of riots and protests everyone’s like “Black Live Matter”. I get that!!! I’m not racist!!! It’s just...they should’ve been like that before!!! We aren’t different. Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, we are all the same!!! Even in the beginning of time!!! Here’s a weird theory I came up with it probably not true but....In Africa it hotter their because the equator blah, blah, blah. Their skin might just be darker to adapt to the hot climate there. Please tell me what I said isn’t entirely stupid!!!
965 days ago
Thank you so much MusicLover6658!!

I don’t understand Drama Queen,
965 days ago
I really don’t get that because of the riots and prone test everyone’s like “Black Lives Matter”. I know that. I’m racist! It’s just that people should’ve been like that before!!! We’re all the same. Even in the beginning of time. Here’s a theory I came up with I’m not sure if it’s true but........Their skin might just be darker so they could adapt to the environment. Africa is like right near the equator and it’s hotter there. So maybe their skiing just darker so they wouldn’t sun burn as easily. Please tell me this isn’t completely stupid!!!
965 days ago
This has a beautiful message and everyone on this site should read it
967 days ago
🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭😡😠 oh no Quizzy!Errg,people are horrid.
Thank you Alienfreak!
967 days ago
I really liked this.
967 days ago
Tell that to the person who called my mum weird for being brown and and to the person who said that she doesn't feel sorry for the children who die in Syria but she does feel sorry for animals 😒

But seriously EVERYONE IS EQUAL!
967 days ago