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When dreams become reality, part 1

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When three completely different people, Zach, an orphan raised on the city streets, ridiculed his whole life because he’d rather read than wrestle in the alleys, Sage, a home-schooler born and bred in the country, whose friends are all imaginary and who has a mother who treats her like she’s one of her many younger siblings, and Paul, a rich, popular, handsome boy who seems to have everything but is secretly longing for something, come together, their dreams become realities, and they discover that maybe they aren’t so different after all...


Date, June 3rd, Time,12:02 PM, place, Ruby Hills Mill, canoe barn, Art Class for Teens!

“Okay, anyone have any questions?”the falsely cheery voice of Miss Ronnie.A dull mutter of “No”s went through airy room.”Great! Now I’m going to divide every one into groups of three!”Everyone exchanged eye rolls at her down talking.”Madison, Emma and Conner, you’re all together,, Jack, Jamie and Jonny, you’re together, Patricia, Lea, and Don, together, Alexander, Ben, and Cecilia, you all are together, and then..that leaves Sage, Zach and Paul as our last trio! Now, everyone get to work!”
“Come over this way.”said Sage.Zach and Paul followed her to the table in the farthest corner.They sat down and stared at the blank sheets of paper in front of them.”So, I guess we should get started on the rabbit? Zach said.”The,’Cute bunny wabbit’you mean?”queried Sage.Zach and Paul snorted.”Yeah.”Zach said.For a while they worked in silence.They made and odd group, Paul looked like a model with short, wavy blond hair, big blue eyes, and an in general blandly beautiful look about him.Zach was another story, with waist length bright red hair, dark brown eyes, and deathly pale skin.Sage was yet another story, jaw length wildly curling dark brown hair and moss green eyes.

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