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When Dreams Become Reality, part 3

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1 Chapter - 576 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 587 taken-The story is currently being written

Sage comes up with a crazy idea, but even crazier, it might actually work.


    Date, June 11, time,3:09, place, Ruby Holler Park (ecur))

    Zach biked into the parks parking lot and stopped, looking around.They said that they’d be by the possum house, wherever that might be...ah, there it was, a bench by a building that looked like a chicken run that had two figures sitting on it.He walked his bike over.”Hey guys, sorry I’m late.”he said.”Oh hi Zach, how are you?” said Sage, moving over to make room for him.”Hello, no matter.” said Paul. ”So, I know that we barely know each other, in a manner of speaking but it does feel like we’ve known each other forever right?” Sage began. Zach and Paul nodded. " Well, I had an idea. All of us don’t particularly like our current lives, correct?” they nodded again.”Why don’t we get out of here then? I have a decent amount of money saved up, it’s not a lot but it’s enough to get us started, and I have a tent and the know how to survive in the wild, so what if we take a train, say, to the Blue Ridge Mountains and just, have a change of pace? We could camp out for a while, then maybe we could do odd jobs and earn enough money to go to New York, or even Greece, France, Spain, the possibility’s are endless! We can just get up and go, we don’t need to just stay here dreaming! We can do it, I know we can!”
    Paul and Zach were staring at her like she had gone crazy. ”You mean, just, like run away?” Zach asked. ”Yup.” she replied. Zach thought for a bit. Finally he declared,”I think it’s a great idea.Let's do it. I have some money saved up, so I can help with the food and stuff.” Paul said, ”But, this is just, so, sudden! Why don’t we wait and think about this? I mean, shouldn’t we plan this?”
    “I’ve been planning it since I was seven. ”Said Sage.
    “And it’s not uncommon for teenagers to go camping in the summer.” added Zach. Paul said,”But,”
    “No buts.” said Sage. ”We’re going whether or not you come. Assuming of course, you will come?” she says, looking at Zach. ”You’d better not leave without me!” he replied.
    Paul looked helplessly at them. ”Count me in.” he said finally.
    Sage sat very still. Slowly, oh so slowly, an enormous smile spread over her face. ”We're going to do it!”she said. ” We’re really going to do it! ”Zach let out a whoop and began dancing around the possum pen. Paul thought a bit. Then, he realized that this had been what he was looking for.An adventure with some loyal, wacky friends. He jumped up and joined them.

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