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Black Lives Matter

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Just some of my thoughts on the matter.

    *Please don’t hate! Feel free to debate or correct me if I’m wrong, but no haters!*

    Let me start by saying that I don’t use the terms “black” and “white” in a negative way. They are simply ways to distinguish a person’s skin tone. I will say that they are not very accurate. Everyone’s skin is a shade of brown. God created Adam and Eve with the genes necessary for all the skin tones we have today.
    Do people realize that Black Lives Matter is actually labeling people as black? And what about white lives? Maybe we need a movement! And what about Jews, Indians, the Chinese.... shouldn’t there be movements for them, too? Maybe there should just be a All Lives Matter movement! And that includes the unborn. (By the way, Planned Parenthood supposedly supports Black Lives Matter, and yet how many black babies do they kill every day?) If a police officer who was black shot someone who was white, would that make the news? Or if they were both black or both white? How is it discrimination to shoot in self defense?

    Something to think about. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. And again, please no hating!

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731 days ago
Also yes, it would be great to have a group concerned with unnecessary, racist violence. But are there groups concerned with other people groups being murdered or just black people?
731 days ago
Isn’t it racist that white people are protesting for the black people? And that now it’s turned into all white people are evil? And I am still so confused about why Planned Parenthood is claiming they are for blm if they are killing all the unborn black babies?
731 days ago
Yes, George Floyd’s death was uncalled for. But we don’t know what happened before that point. And why is it ok for thousands of people to go to his funeral (even though they didn’t know him and he was a criminal) but people weren’t allowed to have small funerals for their family members?
Police officers are human. They are not perfect by any means. But most officers have a conscience and do what they need to. We shouldn’t destroy our whole system of protection for the people.
Honestly, Black Lives Matter is racist. It’s pretty much just about black lives that stand for transgender and gay marriage.
765 days ago
Actually I think different.
If a black man (I hate this term too, I think it’s just not right to separate people by their skin tones) killed a white man there wouldn’t be protests, yes.
Or maybe not this much.
But I am sure it would make the news.
I think then everybody would think all black men are bad and make stereotypes like there are for every ethnicity.
I don’t think nobody would care!
But I do agree with the part about all lives matter.
I think you know why BLM is up.
A police officer killed a unharmed men.
It was not self defense.
There was not a single reason for this police men to kill George Floyd.
All the names they said in BLM protests had nothing to do with self defense. It was racism.
It’s about unfair treatment against people that have a different skin tone.
This wasn’t meant as hate btw I just wanted to share my thoughts
If there are any grammar or vocabulary issues, I am very sorry, I am an non native speaker.
765 days ago
i love this cause first of all no one give me hate plz but you know how that "white" cop killed the "black" guy well what if it was reverse a "black" cop killed a "white" guy there would be nooooooo protests no one would even be speaking of it we are all humans no matter what color plz no hate again