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Fortune Telling (Part 3 of Don't You Get It?)

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Connie Beverly and Samuel Boots talk about what a fortune teller had said about the Coronavirus.
(Sorry, guys. I couldn't help but make one about COVID.)

    Connie and Samuel, now ages 13, were FaceTiming. They have been friends for a while at this point and despite how weird Connie can be, Samuel has gotten used to it and has defended her at times. (Even if Connie knows how to defend her own self.)

    "It sucks how we have to be quarantined," Samuel complained. Connie shrugged.

    "There was this person who said that the Coronavirus will suddenly disappear during the fall," she told him.

    "Really!" Samuel exclaimed, getting excited. "Wait. How do they know?"

    "They're kind of a fortune teller," Connie said. "Unfortunately, they also said that the virus will come back 10 years later."

    "Aw, man!" Samuel thought that it would be gone forever.

    "But then when it disappears, it will never be seen again," Connie added.

    "Whoa!" Samuel thought for a moment. "Will that really happen?"

    Connie shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not. We'll just have to see."

    Samuel hoped and hoped it would happen.

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127 days ago
Miss TeRy StOrEh TeLleR? OmG! I mIsSes yOu!

goOd joB bY tHe waY!
129 days ago
@Lisymel - The story will continue! I'm making a fourth part soon!
@Drama Queen - I'm glad you find this at least funny, though I have to admit, I've confused myself while writing this a few times and had to rewrite lol. These characters are challenging to make for me for some reason.
129 days ago
Hmmmmmm this is funny but confusing lol
135 days ago
Will the story continue? I'm curious to know these characters! They are intriguing 💚💚💚