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This probably won’t make sense. But everyone or mostly everyone will feel like this. They’ll ask “what’s the point?” “Why try?” “What’s the point of living?” Maybe not in those exact words but probably in one point in your life you will. Like, Socrates and Aristotle the philosophers of Ancient Greece. Mainly, this is just my opinion. And my first fan fiction.

((big))Life((ebig)) What’s the point? Huh? Why was civilization created? To be honest, no one knows. And we might never know! We all have different

What’s the point? Huh? Why was civilization created? To be honest, no one knows. And we might never know! We all have different beliefs. Like, The Big Bang and God. Sometimes, we get sad and don’t understand anything. I know I feel this way, sometimes. In the end, I’m not sure what the point is. There must be a reason. No one has ever have found out why! I actually have no idea why I made this. But I feel like what we a lot of want to know is “Why should we work so hard if it might not be worth it?” Well, if you want a good life you should. Now, during coronavirus I got a little bit behind. The whole school year, even before COVID-19, I didn’t try hard. For all of seventh grade I didn’t try to study. But now I’m about to go to eight grade and it’s hard doing virtual school. I do gymnastics and guitar and I forgot a lot of it. I forgot so much stuff. My point is, STUDY! Wouldn’t it be nice to be a lawyer or doctor and be super rich and have a huge mansion in Bel Air or Beverly Hills? The sad truth is you have to study. I know people like to study but not everyone (I hate studying). I’m not sure if there’s a point because I’m suicidal. But even if there might not be a point to life wouldn’t it be nice to live the best life you can have? But don’t kill your self even if it feels like you should. There stuff to live for like: Friends, family, puppies, roller coasters, vacations and school. Sadly, since I’m living through COVID-19 I included school on my list because I miss it so much but not as much as my friends. I don’t believe in the afterlife but it might exist. I’m an agnostic (I don’t believe in god or the Big Bang). Some of this wasn’t even exactly how I feel! Honestly, I’m really suicidal. I hate everything now, there’s no school my parents will get divorced, there really isn’t anything good right now. But if you want a good life you should study.

So, I this is just my opinion! Not everything is true! Thank you for reading my boring fan fic. It’s just me saying some stuff because I’m bored during coronavirus!

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Is the picture of Yosemite?