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When dreams become reality, part 4

1 Chapter - 268 Words - Developed by:
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The plan is set into motion now...


    June 13,2:05 pm, local library.

    Sage tucked her hair behind her ears and let out a long breath as she scanned the list of things they would need.
    “Okay, I think that’s everything!”she said.”Now, Paul, would you mind getting them?”
    “Not at all.”
    “And we'll chip in with the costs.”added Zach.
    “Yes, definitely.”Sage said.
    “What? Are you crazy? Zach, you were the one who researched everything! Sage, you planned this all out and made sure we’d have everything we’d need! I’m getting this stuff.”
    He cut them short.”I want to have something to do with this trip.”he said with a laugh.”Please.”
    “Well, I’m not arguing with that.”said Sage briskly.
    “Wonderful, I was just offering so that I wouldn’t seem rude.”Said Zach, grinning.

    randomhuman@gmail.com to youwillneverexplainme@gmail.com + paulpiper@gmail.com @10:59 pm
    I’m thinking the 21st at noon on the 12:00 train? That work?
    Paulpiper, Yup!
    Youwillneverexplainme, Yes.Can’t wait!
    Randomhuman, excellent.See you then.

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631 days ago
:) last week I dreamed about nopales and today we ate Palace.
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Hi Sexy Ravenclaw 😄
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Hey dude,nice
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Oops,I didn’t mean to make it all italicized 😂
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Haha, I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!