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Scarlett Red

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    Scarlett Red

    I’m leaving Somerset and am going to live with my cousin in Sydney. It’s because I’ve totally messed up my life. Come on, escaping class doesn’t need suspension? I used to be in a boarding school, and it sucks. My life started well, but I suddenly got suspended six times in two months. I am always staying out late, smoking and stuff. Everyone called me Satan’s sister, and I guess they are right, because I often sleep through Mass, because it’s too holy and boring. Mum is crying, and Dad is shouting at me. In the morning, my little sister Coco, and my other littler sister, older than Coco, Skye are busy making their school projects, but hey, it’s Saturday! Suddenly, there is crying, and my family stands in the door of my room. Coco shakes me, and I mumble ‘geroff’ I love lie-ins. ‘we’ve decided your going to a special school for people that need help with their life, and we found one in Sydney, and you’ll live with Camille and her parents.’ Dad says. I sit upright, and say, ‘No way! Camille is WICKED!’ it’s true. She wrecked my tenth birthday party by throwing cake in my face, and she is really mean. She’s also one of those people who wear lip-gloss, belly-tops, and smother on make-up for no reason every day, and do those rubbish hairstyles. She’s like a Camille version of MacKenzie in my favourite book series, Dork Diaries. Coco and Skye beg me to Skype them, and I agree, before hopping into the shower. I then start packing because Dad’s driving me to Heathrow Airport at six in the morning. At dinner, Mum says, ‘your school is called St. Kember’s, remember Sienna, Coco’s pen pal? She has moved back home because she was better’ Coco rolls her eyes at me, and I know what she’s talking about. Coco had told me Sienna wrote to her that the school made her worse, and she was in hospital, because she was a bit insane, and that Sienna’s parents were too embarrassed to tell Mum. Before my sisters go to bed, they hug me tight. ‘bye, Scarlett’ they chorus, giving me home-made See You Soon! cards. ‘aww thanks’ I say. ‘I will miss you, Scarlett’ Mum hugs me. The airport is loud and full of business trips and lucky people on holidays. Qantas Airlines is quite full, as well. I just about see a tiny figure of Dad out of the window of the plane, and I quickly text, ‘See u! About to take off! Miss u! I am behind wings, try to wave at exact window!’ I see Dad look at his phone, then he waved exactly at me! I wave back and blow a kiss as the plane sets for take-off. I suck on a boiled sweet, then I read. I then put on headphones and watch a full movie. When we land in Johannesburg for the plane to refuel, I take a stroll through the airport and grab a croissant. When our flight is announced for a second time, I rush to the plane, and Qantas takes off again. I end up with a super-elegant lady with a cute toddler, and I see she is harassed by her kid and needed parent advice. I gave her advice, and then snoozed for a while. When I wake up, my ears feel blocked. The sky is pink and purple, and I see Sydney Airport. I still have the disgusting plane food on my table, but it makes me gag. The pilot speaks, then we land. When I am stepping off Qantas to a hot day, I find my floppy hat and sunglasses and pop them on. I ring Mum at the passport controls, and she rings Camille’s phone. I finally finish, and I go to the Arrivals section. Dave, my uncle, and Kate, my aunt, and Camille, the cousin from Hell, are standing there. Dave is all tanned, and so is Kate, and Camille. Dave gives me a big hug and flings my suitcase like it was an empty bag over his shoulder, while me and Camille shake hands, crushing each others. mine goes red, but I don’t care. In the car, Camille complains about her crumpled skirt, until Dave stops the car, turns around to Camille, and says, ‘Camille, shut up, please!’ we continue the journey to Acacia Street in his amazing red sports car, roof tilted. When we stop, I gasp quietly. A big mansion stands before me, and when I tilt my head to admire the beautiful roses, I gasp again. A big, turquoise pool lies before me. I am impressed at my new, luxurious bedroom. I have my own luxury bathroom, and I unpack. Camille perches herself on my bed and curls her lip. ‘Scarlett’ ‘Camille’ I curl my lip back. she put on Super Sky Blue lip gloss, and says, ‘ I am so “excited” to meet you, Scarlett’ I just roll my eyes, and hop into my en suite shower. When I am changed, and brushed, I walk outside. Dave goes to me, and says, ‘what about we show you Sydney?’ we get ice creams, walk through famous stuff in Sydney, get a ferry, and when Camille goes off for horse riding with her parents, who bring her and tell me its my turn to explore on my own. I walk down the beach, grab a sundae, and when I sit down, I realize I’m beside a really nice, and handsome boy. ‘oh, hi, I’m James’ I realize he has a British accent. ‘hi, I’m Scarlett’ I say ‘you British? I am, too!’ James says. ‘yes, which school are you going to?’ ‘Oxmoor Lane.’ ‘St. Kember’s’ James raises his eyebrows. ‘whoa! Where do you live back in Britain?’ ‘Berrywood, every tree over there is berry. That was a joke of my dad’s. I’m living with a nightmare. She possibly goes to your school. Camille Hilton.’ ‘God, she is the biggest gossip in our school’ James laughs. My phone bleeps with a text. ‘oh, it’s my uncle. Have to meet him at the restaurant across the beach. See you.’ As I turn to go, James says, ‘what’s your InsectInternet username?’ ‘ScarlettRed’ ‘Mine is JollyJames!’ I laugh, and he says, ‘AskJames4Joke4ever’ I laugh again, and stride across the café, up onto the sand, and I finally arrive. Camille asks for a salad and burger, and I snigger when the waitress brings the salad in the burger. I have chicken nuggets and chips, and Dave and Kate have stinky, complicated styled fish. It takes some willpower to be rude and plug my nose, and Dave finally asks, fishy breathed, ‘why are you sticking your nose in your food?’ I remove my nose from the dinner, wrinkle it up, and find crumbs falling onto my red skirt. I rub all of the crumbs on my nose, and Dave says, ‘there was a slight change of plan. We wanted you to bond with Camille more, build up a future. So we put you in Oxmoor Lane. We don’t need social services and therapists booming in your ears. That is for wimps!’ I flinch. My friend, Rita is having therapy after smoking so much, and getting an addict to it, and also a plane phobia. Before I went, she talked to me on the phone for ages about being able to stop the nonsense. Does that make her a wimp? I yawn and lay back. soon, I am huddled up in bed, and I wake up at four. Jet lag, you ruined my life. I go on InsectInternet and I know I lied about my user because it really is SpookyScarlett. I take a very deep breath, and press Delete Account. I put in ScarlettRed, and write a quick description about arriving in Sydney, and ring Coco. Finally I get notifications:

    Your friend requests to:

    Have been accepted.

    New requests:


    Accept or Decline?

    Eva and Polly, friends of both Skye and Coco, Rita, Simon, my ex, who is just friends with me now, Luke, a friend, Summer, a Reception friend. My sisters might have told them all to send me requests. I click Accept All. I then realize James is there as well, and I open up a private message.

    James? Is that you?

    LOL yeah hi Scarlett!

    You hitting the beach today? I hope you can make it!

    Sure! 4? Wont be a BBQ by then!

    Sure! How are you up so early?

    Came here from Britain a few weeks ago, still jet lagged.

    My Jet Lag Adventure is about to begin

    Ha-ha! It’ll be very annoying!

    I smile, closing my phone, and I pack up my towel, the sunscreen, sigh when Dave tells me to walk Camille to the café to see some friends on the way, and gather some money. It is finally 4. I call for Camille, and roll my eyes when she walks downstairs, all styled, and boring. I don’t walk her. she just applies make-up all the way, and I think about James. At the beach, we stride different ways, and James finds me. ‘whoa Camille is fab- he stops mid-sentence when I give him a are-you-kidding-me? glare. We swim, we chat, we grab a sundae, we swim more, we gossip about life and school on the towels, James and his friends teach me how to surf, we dress in the bathrooms in the café, we grab another sundae, and finally tired and full, we sit in the sunset on a little bench looking out to the sea near the beach, and slowly, unexpectedly, we kiss. His lips are warm, creamy, and we kiss like that for a long time, until Dave rings me and I leave. We have a barbecue, with burgers and sausages, and Dave says, ‘Kate went out for your school uniform, Scarlett. Just imagine, Christmas and summer at the same time.’ On the day of school, I put on the white, knee high socks, the black, tap-dancing looking shoes, the white polo shirt with the collar on the outside, the navy jumper, the navy skirt, and I look hideous. I think it is because of my hair. I hack off my waist-length hair until it’s shoulder length, perfectly, make a fringe, pack my new stuff, and Camille almost faints and so do her parents with shock when they see my hair. ‘Scarlett Hilton, did you hack off your hair?’ Kate gasps. Before I answer, Dave saves me by saying ‘c’mon girls, we will be late for school!’ I find out that Camille always goes in the front, but since she’s Skye’s age, 13, and I’m 15, I go in the front while she sulks in the back. I “bump” into James, and we hug hello. we head to Maths, and James is stuck with his mates, and I’m stuck with a girl with auburn hair. She smiles at me politely, says ‘hello’ and she starts writing her name on her page. Aisha Barringer. ‘class say hello to Scarlett Hilton’ Mr Williams says. ‘hi, Scarlett’ the class choruses, and I blush, especially when James gives me a thumbs up. me and Aisha snigger, when Mr Williams says, ‘got a problem, Handsome?’ James looks at us, points at Mr Williams, and does the fingers. Me and Aisha are snorting behind our hands. James is so cute in his boy’s uniform. At lunch, Aisha introduces me to her friend Bernadette Jones. ‘call me Barnie, everyone does’ she says. She has a cascade of black ringlets, down to her chin just like Coco except Coco’s are blond like mine. We paint our nails Violet Varnish, and we get a sniff and a varnish confiscation till the end of the day from Miss Henderson, our head. I say head, but I have no idea what Aussies say. Camille “bumps” into me, squeezes my hand on purpose to smear the varnish, says ‘oops’ and walks away to her sniggering friends. I tell Barnie and Aisha about her. ‘Geez we know her. she is the snobbiest girl at Oxmoor Lane High!’ Barnie says. ‘yup, James told me’ I sigh. We walk to the bus stop after school, and Aisha points me to a boy, and she whispers, ‘he’s from the boy’s school. He is my latest crush, his name is Jack’ Jack walks up to Aisha, and says, ‘do you have a rubber? I will return it at the bus stop tomorrow’ Aisha blushes, grabs her pencil case, flings the rubber in Jack’s face and runs away. Me and Barnie are just standing on the stop, mouths hanging open. We finally charge after Aisha, and Barnie finally grabs her and slams her against a wall, and all of us are red, puffing, and I strip off my jumper, tying it onto my waist. ‘heck, what was that, Aisha Barringer’?’ Barnie puffs. ‘sorry’ She blushes again.

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